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Any Paper Folding Machines that do a French Fold?

Posted by: Morgan on April 29th, 2010


I’m in the market for a paper folding machine and I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction.  I am looking for a machine that will do a “French” fold—basically fold a standard piece of paper in half and then fold it in half again so it’s in quarters.  We have a Martin Yale 1601 and although it will French Foldfold the paper in half initially, the only way to get the second fold is to run the pages back through which causes constant jamming issues.

Are there paper folding machines on the market that will reliably fold a paper into quarters?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Julie F.


There are a few models that can do this, but we recommend the Dynafold DE-262AF Paper Folder. This automatic paper folder has all of the special features you need to successfully execute a cross fold, or French fold. The machine is relatively simple to set up and adjust for this type of technical fold.

We are not aware of any paper folders that will perform a French fold in just one pass. However, the DE-262AF makes the process as hassle-free as possible. The best thing about Dynafold machines is their price. And, they come equipped with several features (such as cross folding) typically found on higher-priced models.


Differences Between V2000-Pro SecureBind and Velobind Machines

Posted by: Morgan on April 28th, 2010


What’s difference between V2000 and V800Pro and Surebind products?



There are some varied differences between each machine. The V2000-Pro SecureBind Hot Knife System is made by a company called Tamerica. They V2000-Pro Securebindrecently began manufacturing GBC-style Velobind machines. Velobind was originally introduced by GBC.

The V2000-Pro Securebind is a good way to VeloBind a small amount of documents. This machine uses the standard 11-prong Velobind or Securebind strips. It is capable of binding up to 2 inches of paper. The V2000-Pro is compatible with GBC Velobind supplies and may be used to bind both legal and letter-sized documents. The machine has a manual punch and cuts and binds electronically.

The VeloBind V800 model is made by GBC. This is mostly a manually operated machine that punches up to a 1/8-inch stack of paper, and binds up to one inch of paper. This machine uses heat to cut off excess VeloBind prongs and seal the back strip to the 11-prong front strip.

Office Zone unfortunately does not carry GBC SureBind binding machines. However, we can share a little information here about them. According to the GBC Web site, there are some slight differences between Velobind and SureBind machines. The finished documents are nearly the same. There are some small differences in the strip and its functionality, however.

SureBind strips have 10 prongs, VeloBind strips have 11. SureBind prongs are slightly offset, making it compatible with GBC Plastic Binding systems. If you have a document punched with 19 rectangular holes, you can bind it with a SureBind strip for a different look. VeloBind strips are evenly spaced and are not compatible with any other style binding.


What is the Best Shrink Wrap Machine for DVDs and Books?

Posted by: Morgan on April 26th, 2010


Hi, I’m trying to shrink wrap DVDs & books at low volume.  What is the best product for me to use?



We recommend the Deluxe Super Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine with Heat Gun. You could use this model to wrap your DVDs and books. The Deluxe Super Sealer is also a popular model with our customers who need to put Deluxe Super Sealer Shrink Wrap Machineprotective packaging film around their software boxes, candy boxes, CDs, and other similar products.

This particular shrink wrap machine is very easy use. You simply slide the item into the pocket of shrink wrap film and pull down the sealing arm. After you cut the film to size, you then use the heat gun to shrink and form-fit the film tightly around the product. The end result is a smooth, clean, professional-looking package.


Office Zone Blog Marks Milestone

Posted by: Morgan on April 26th, 2010

Last week marked a milestone of sorts for the Office Zone AskOzone blog. We posted our 300th article on Thursday, April 22, 2010. This isn’t such a big deal in itself, granted. But when we started the blog in late 2007, we had no idea the site would become such a success.

For almost three years, members of the marketing department staff at Office Zone have offered helpful information to customers and other visitors about office equipment and supplies. Over the years as the blog grew and gained more popularity, more questions and requests poured in. Most of the articles published in the blog today are a question and answer format, questions from real customers looking for informed answers.

Some of the more popular postings in the blog include how to make a note pad from scratch. We have also received a lot of interest in our office paper shredder reviews.

While there are a few other industry blogs that include relatively similar information, most the content is superficial at best. Typical articles in these blogs are merely rewrites of vendor brochure copy. Some of the postings, released in a fire hose of information in one blog in particular, are of little interest to genuine business shoppers looking for substantive answers to their office equipment questions.

We are pleased so far with the success of the AskOzone blog, and look forward to the continued support of our readers. If you have any questions or comments about the office equipment on, please be sure to contact us today. We are more than happy to help.


Review of the TCC-SP41 Manual Coil Punch Binding Machine

Posted by: Morgan on April 23rd, 2010



Our office is interested in purchasing a binding machine from your company.  Are there any reviews available for the machine: “Tamerica TCC-SP41 Manual Coil Punch/Binding Machine”? Any input is greatly appreciated.


Kelly D.


I’m sorry we haven’t provided a review of the TCC-SP41 Binding Machine until now. We had the exclusive opportunity to test this very model last Tamerica TCC-SP41 Manual Coil Punch/Binding Machineyear. The machine that we used was actually a prototype fresh from the factory, so some of the tolerances were not exactly in line as they possibly could be. And, the fit and finish of the metal punch was a little on the rough side. However, we have been reassured from the manufacturer, Tamerica, that subsequent models perform more smoothly and accurately.

The best selling point about this machine is its liberal two-year warranty. This is a unique feature for a coil binding machine in this price range. The TCC-SP41 punches paper in a 4:1 ratio. That means four punched holes per inch. The machine has an open throat on the right end. This handy feature lets you punch and bind sheets longer than the standard 11 inches.

There are also disengaging punching pins. This helps you avoid possible half-punched holes in your document. The TCC-SP41 is rated by the manufacturer to punch 20 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at a time. Office Zone highly recommends cutting that stack down to at least 15 pages. This will make the punching process a lot easier (and not as much strain on the operator or the machine).


The Heavy-Duty Departmental Paper Shredder we Recommend

Posted by: Morgan on April 22nd, 2010



I am trying to source a heavy duty paper shredder, 16 inch throat, must be able to shred DVD, CDs, have continuous duty cycle.  Does the Powershred C-420 Strip-Cut Paper Shredder meet these guidelines.  I need to have a copy of the spec in hand – thanks

Al T.


The Fellowes Powershred C-420 is certainly a good machine. It will meet most of your needs. Unfortunately, it has a feed opening only 12 inches wide. We recommend the HSM 411.2 Departmental Paper Shredder. It has a 16-inch wide feed opening. This is an amazing machine. We’ve used the cross HSM 411.2 Departmental Paper Shreddercut model for the last six years now and it performs just as well as it did on day one.

The model 411.2 quickly shreds old invoices, receipts, CDs, and other sensitive corporate information (the 411.2 is available in both cross cut and strip cut versions). The machine’s steel cutting blades are capable of shredding through standard-sized paper clips, staples, credit cards, PVC ID cards, DVDs, CD-ROMs and more. This shredder is mounted on casters for easy mobility. It has a large 41-gallon waste container. That means few and far-between trips to the dumpster.


Need Help Purchasing Binding Machine

Posted by: Morgan on April 21st, 2010


We are interested in purchasing a new binding machine for our company, however, we would like to meet with one of your representatives to discuss our options.  Our current usage is around 25 – 50 booklets a month which Akiles Electric WireMac-E Wire Binderare 50 pages thick.  We also print a years end booklet that would be around 100 to 150 thick.  Can you help us with this matter? Thank you very much for your help.  Have a great day!!!

Jeff T.


Based on what you have disclosed so far, we feel fairly confident recommending the Akiles Electric WireMac-E Wire Binder (3:1 pitch). The WireMac-E lets you quickly create professionally bound booklets, reports, documents, and more. This is an easy-to-use model that features an electric punch, operated with a foot switch. This allows for convenient, hands-free punching.

The machine’s wire holder makes it simple to insert the binding wire into the booklet. For your particular application, we recommend the 3/8-inch, 3:1 pitch wire. This will successfully bind at least 55 pages of 20 lb. bond at a time.

The WireMac-E also has a handy adjustable margin depth tool and disengaging dies. These let you punch a stack of sheets exactly where you Wire Bindingwant. The machine has a diameter scale that helps you determine the correct size binding element that you should use for your document. The end result looks fantastic.

Lastly, an adjustable wire closer control helps you precisely adjust the wire closer to prevent under- and over-closing. As with most Akiles binding machines, this model has an open punching throat that lets you punch and bind oversized paper.


Can Envelope Openers Handle Paper Clips and Staples?

Posted by: Morgan on April 20th, 2010


To Whom It May Concern:

Can you please tell me if you have an automatic envelope opener that will be able to handle staples or paperclips attached to the internal documents?

Thank you,

Tina E.


Automatic electric letter openers quickly and efficiently open a stack of envelopes in seconds. Some models can process over 20,000 envelopes per hour! Gone are the frustrating days of opening one letter at a time with a knife or a letter-opening tool. Automatic electric letter openers accomplish Automatic Electric  Letter Openersthe job in a fraction of the time.

Most automatic letter openers work by slicing each envelope open with a blade after pulling each piece through the machine at a time. None of the models we carry will open an envelope when a paper clip or staple is in the way. We recommend tapping the stack of envelopes on a hard surface, such as a desk, before running them through the opener. Then, make sure you slit open the end of the envelope farthest away from all metal objects or other hard materials. These items quickly dull or ruin the letter opener cutting blade.

Electric envelope openers are a critical part of most mail rooms or offices where high volumes of mail handling and letter opening is required each day.


Padding Press Machine to Make Scrap Paper Pads

Posted by: Morgan on April 19th, 2010


I would like to order a “machine” that makes little scrap paper pads out of scrap paper.  I saw an example where it looks like a wooden “thing” and you cut the paper to tablet size and somehow “paint” the glue on one edge to make it a pull apart notepad. I know you have them somewhere-just don’t know what they were called.


You are looking for a padding press. Using a padding press is one of the best methods for recycling paper and saving your office a significant amount of money. The concept of the padding press is so simple, yet impressive. All you need to make professional-looking notepads, notebooks, forms, and such is the padding press itself, some padding adhesive, chipboard, and a brush. That’s all there is to it!

We also recommend a paper jogger for high-volume jobs. A jogger will help you quickly and efficiently straighten your stack of paper before padding. Padding PressYou can see a highly informative step-by-step demonstration a padding press on our site.


Need Medium-Duty Paper Folder in $1,200-$1,600 Range

Posted by: Morgan on April 16th, 2010


Hi, I am looking for a medium duty paper fold that can do up 11×17 paper in the $1,200 to $1,600 range for a medium size church.  I saw on your web site the DE_202 Dyna Paper folder.  can you tell me if
1) this is a reliable machine?
2) do you have any others that might be better?
3) what would be the estimated shipping cost to Lexington, SC 29073?

thank you

Alison C.


The Dynafold DE-202 Paper Folder fits all of your requirements. You have done your research well! We have sold the model DE-202 for decades and it’s a highly reliable machine. As long as you perform routine maintenance on some of the moving parts, including cleaning the rubber rollers, this model will last you for several years. You can see a very instructive video Dynafold DE-202 Paper Folderdemonstration of the DE-202 on our site.

The Dynafold DE-202 folds up to 6,000 pieces of paper per hour. It can process sheets up to 11 x 17 inches in size. We also recommend a new paper folding machine in this price range — the TPF-42 Paper Folder by Tamerica. This unit actually outperforms the DE-202 in volume by folding up to 8,000 sheets per hour. The TPF-42 also folds 11 x 17 paper.

Even though fresh on the market, the TPF-42 is built with durable, high-quality parts. It has withstood thorough testing by our customer service technicians. That’s why it comes recommended by Office TPF-42 Paper FolderZone. Shipping either model to your location would be about $60 (Fed-Ex Ground).