Hello – I need to be able to shrink wrap small batches of DVDs – approximately 50 – 100 per month.  I don’t like the “heat gun” machines as doing 50 at a time is rather time consuming.  Do you think the compack 5800 machine is what we should be looking at – or do you recommend something else?

Martin S.


Shrink wrap machines with a heat gun and I-bar sealer are definitely a convenience, but using a shrink wrap system with a built-in heat tunnel is like a dream come true. Shrink wrap machines that feature a heat Compack 5800chamber/tunnel system speed up the entire process by leaps and bounds.

If you need to shrink wrap DVDs, the Compack 5800 will most definitely save you precious time and effort. Once you’ve installed the roll of shrink film on the side of the unit, all you have to do is insert your DVD into the film, place it in the heat chamber, push down the lid, and the machine does the rest. This is all accomplished in just a few seconds. You can see a very helpful video demo of the Compack 5800 here.