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What You Should Know About Binding Machine Manufacturers

Posted by: James on May 28th, 2010

Binding machines are great to have. They make it possible for every day people, schools, students and businesses to bind books, reports and other documents. Finding good binding equipment can be a little more difficult. Learning more about the different book binder manufacturers may help assist you in making an educated purchasing decision. Here is a little bit of information about the most common binding manufacturers out there right now.

I. Akiles: Akiles has quickly built up a reputation for itself. It is known for making some of the most durable and long lasting binding equipment. They Akilesmanufacture comb, wire and coil binding machines. This includes manual and electric designs. Popular lines include the MegaBind, WireMac and CoilMac models. It is not uncommon for Akiles book binders to last 5+ years.

II. Renz: Renz has been in the book binding industry for over a decade. Based out of Germany, Renz is known for engineering highly reliable machines. They first gained popularity with their Wire binders, specifically Renzthe SRW and ECO models. They also manufacture a wide variety of comb and coil binding machines. Their latest line of coil binders, the “Plus” series feature an oval hole punch, the first of its kind. Renz machines come in manual and electric designs.

III. Tahsin/Tamerica: Tahsin binding machines have been around for some time. They manufacture a line of comb and wire binders. They are probablyTahsin/Tamerica

best known for their comb binding equipment that looks very similar to the popular Ibico brand comb binders. These machines are simple in design, but have a high customer satisfaction. Most Tahsin machines are manually operated.

IV. Fellowes: Fellowes is newer to the binding machine industry, but has built up a huge name for itself thanks to its popular line of paper shredders. FellowesFellowes now manufactures a wide line of comb binders. Fellowes comb binding machines, as is the case with their shredders, are affordably priced. They are generally recommended for low to medium volume use.

V. GBC: GBC has been manufacturing comb and wire binding products for decades. Several years ago they bought out Ibico and integrated their line of machines into their own. GBC has built up a reputation for making good GBCentry-level book binders designed for occasional binding jobs. Their comb and wire binding machines are available in manual and electric designs. GBC’s biggest edge in the binding industry is their exclusive VeloBind machines.

VI. Sircle: Sircle is one of the newest binding machine manufacturers to enter the industry. They manufacture a wide range of comb and wire Sirclebinders. They are one of the first manufacturers to make a wire binding machine that includes a wire opener. Their machines are designed for low to medium volume use and come in manual and electric designs.

This is a list of some of the top “volume” binding machine manufacturers, but there are several other brands that make binding machines.


New Dahle 561 Premium Guillotine Paper Trimmer Video Demo

Posted by: James on May 28th, 2010

Dahle 561 Premium Guillotine Paper TrimmerWe recently shot a video demo of the Dahle 561 guillotine paper trimmer a few weeks ago and it is now available online. I have to say that I am very impressed with this trimmer. I have used several Kutrimmer guillotine paper trimmers over the years and have to say that the Dahle 561 is right up there in both quality and ease-of-use.

If you have ever used the older wood-base trimmers, you know how hard the arm can be to pull down. The arm on the Dahle 561 premium guillotine was extremely easy to use. Another impressive feature of the Dahle 561 is the clamping mechanism. As soon as the arm comes down, the clamp holds the paper in place. There is no play in the paper at all, which means the cut is dead on straight.

You can find the Dahle 561 Premium Guillotine Trimmer here. It is reasonably priced and a great investment if you are looking for a high-quality paper trimmer.

Here is the actual video demo we shot of the Dahle 561. Enjoy!


A Family of Wire Binders: Akiles Wiremac

Posted by: James on May 27th, 2010

Wire binding machines create a simple, yet highly professional-looking bind. Wire binding elements are available in a variety of different brilliant colors. The Akiles line of Wiremac wire binders has crept up the charts to quickly become an industry leader. The WireMac family is now available in four different models. This article will go into detail regarding the different WireMac machines.

Before explaining the different types of WireMac models available, it is important to know that there are two distinctly different types of wire binding machines. This distinction is based on the hole punching pattern. These are 2:1 pitch and 3:1 pitch.

Two-to-one pitch hole patterns punched by 2:1 machines can only use 2:1 pitch supplies. The same goes for 3:1 pitch elements. Three-to-one pitch Akiles Electric WireMac-E Wire Binderhole patters have holes punched closer together, creating a “tighter” look. The 2:1 machines have the holes spaced farther apart, making it possible to bind thicker books.

Types of Wiremac Machines:

1. Basic Akiles Wiremac – The basic model is available in either a 2:1 pitch or 3:1 pitch hole format. Once a hole format has been chosen, it cannot be changed. In other words, the punching die cannot be swapped out for a different style. These machines punch around 20 sheets at a time and are made from all-metal construction. These are great for low to medium-volume use.

2. Akiles Wiremac Duo – The Duo version includes both 2:1 and 3:1 punching dies, allowing this machine to use both types of wire binding elements. This is ideal for businesses that want the versatility of using multiple types of bookbinding. This machine is slightly larger than the basic model, but is still compact enough to sit on a counter or desk. It is made from all-metal construction.

3. Akiles Wiremac Combo – This machine is available in 2:1 and 3:1 pitch designs, depending on the user’s preference. It also includes a comb-binding machine, for added convenience. This also means that the combo can be used with 19-ring wire, sometimes referred to as wire comb. This machine is a great option for multiple format binding.

4. Akiles Wiremac-E – The model, from Akiles, is available in either 2:1 or 3:1 punching patterns. The advantage of the Wiremac-E is the electric punch. This punch speeds up the binding process and is ideal for medium to high-volume binding. This machine is also made from all-metal construction.


Just Added: David-Link W-988PB Biometric Employee Time Clock

Posted by: Morgan on May 26th, 2010

If you need an employee time clock that does it all, then you should consider the new David-Link W-988PB time clock. First, it has a convenient biometric finger scanner. This is one of the best finger scanners we’ve tested. Some competing models require that you slide your finger across a David-Link W-988PB Biometric Employee Time Clockthin sensor. This can be a sometimes frustrating experience since the sensor does not consistently recognize your fingerprint.

With the W-988PB, you quickly touch a small green screen with your fingerprint to log in. That’s all there is to it. The W-988PB will store up to an amazing 3,000 fingerprint scans! If you don’t want to require employee fingerprint scanning, then a proximity card reader is available. Or, you can simply have your employees clock in by keying in a pass code on the keypad. You may use one or a combination of these security methods for your employees to log in and out of work.

The technology used in this clock is state-of-the art. The unit is easy to use and program, thanks to its large blue backlit menu screen. The W-988PB comes bundled with time management software. It may be used as a stand-alone system, or with a computer.


Looking for Napkin Printing Equipment

Posted by: Morgan on May 24th, 2010


Do you have equipment that can print on a standard paper napkin? I am looking for something that can print on a type of napkin like the ones you buy in the supermarket.



You can print on most types of napkins with a foil stamping machine. Office Zone carries several models that will do this. We have customers who use their foil stamp machine to create fancy wedding napkins and other similarFoil Stamp Typeface Font novelties.

All you need to do is determine what model foil stamper is best for you. One of our customer service representatives can help you with this. Then, you Foil Stamp Machinesimply order all of the necessary accessories and supplies for your foil stamping machine. Office Zone has foil stamp film and a wide selection of popular typeface fonts.

All of the above machines, accessories and supplies will take care of most of your napkin printing needs.


Power Questions About Galaxy Mini Shrink Wrap Machine

Posted by: Morgan on May 21st, 2010


Your website says the electrical end plug is not included with the Galaxy Mini Shrink Wrap Machine:  Could you give us a more specific description of what this is?  Do you sell it?  What is the cost?  If you do not sell it, where may we get it?


The end plug is not included with the Galaxy Shrink Wrap Machine from Minipack for safety reasons. This shrink wrapper requires a dedicated 20 amp. line. This means that you cannot safely plug the unit into a common 15 Galaxy Shrink Wrap Machineamp. power line. The machine will overload that line with its power requirements and cause overheating. Therefore, we do not include an end plug so that you are required to do a little research about the power capabilities of your building and then get the correct plug for the machine. The plug will only cost you about a dollar or two. You can find one at any hardware store.

Omitting the end plug is actually a common practice with some major appliances, in both the consumer and business sector. For example, when you buy an electric clothes dryer for your home, a power cord and end plug are not included. You have to purchase it separately, one compatible with the power phase of your home.

A 20 amp. plug has a unique characteristic with one of its prongs. When plugged into a wall, the left prong will have a little metal projectile, about 1/8th of an inch in length, that points to the left. This will prevent anyone from accidentally plugging the machine into a 15 amp. line.


Film Questions About the AIE Straight-Bar Shrink Wrapper

Posted by: Morgan on May 20th, 2010



Questions on the AIE Straight-Bar Shrink Wrapper. Is the film that comes with it archival quality for my photographs? If not, do you carry this type of film and can it be substituted for the roll that comes with it.

Is the film the same width as the Model? Eg.,is the 24″ model film 24″ wide?

Thank you,



The shrink film that comes with the AIE Straight-Bar Shrink Wrapper is PVC. This is more a more rigid type film, and the acid from the film will AIE Straight-Bar Shrink Wrapperdeteriorate the colors in your photos over time. We recommend Polyolefin shrink film. Polyolefin film requires more of an investment; we would not be able to exchange the PVC film straight across for Polyolefin.

Polyolefin is one of the most popular types of shrink wrap film in the industry today. It is durable and even safe to use with food. Polyolefin is easily identified by its stretchy properties. It is also ideal for bundling multiple items together. It produces very little odor and may be used with most shrink wrap systems.

Most shrink film rolls are the same length as the machine model, give or take a couple of inches in some instances. Finally, be sure to back your photos with something rigid before shrink wrapping. This will prevent bending and cracking with your photographs.


Interested in Builder 55 Foil Stamping Machine

Posted by: Morgan on May 19th, 2010


Hi Customer Service,

I am interesting in your manual foil printer machine. First is it suitable to print on a single item such as a pen or pencil as i would like to meet the need of individual small students by printing their name onto their pen or pencils. How long after printing does each item take to dry? is this a light Builder Foil Stamping Machine Model 55 packageweight machine? can it be place on a table top?

Thanking you in advance for answering my questions.



Yes, the Builder Foil Stamping Machine Model 55 package is most definitely suitable for printing on a single item like a pencil or a pen. The foil stamping process does not require ink drying at any time whatsoever. The machine uses hot type to imprint metal foil in the form of letters or other symbols onto an item. As soon as you’ve stamped something, it’s ready to go!

The model 55 foil stamper is not a lightweight machine, it weighs about 50 lbs., but it may be safely placed on most tabletops. This unit has everything you need to start an in-house imprinting business.

The package includes the Model 55 foil printer, two rolls of foil (1″ x 200′ and 2″ x 200′), a handy machine light that helps with printing accuracy, an automatic roll feeder, and multi-type holder. This gives you a substantial start-up package for a competitive price.


Want Free Packaging Material? Recycle Your Cardboard Boxes

Posted by: Morgan on May 18th, 2010

It’s quite common these days to find eco-friendly products, or green machines in the office equipment industry. Office Zone sells laminators, paper shredders and other office products that are marketed as earth-friendly or energy efficient.

However, I’ve always been impressed with one rather large piece of office equipment that still, in my opinion, trumps them all. And the ironic thing HSM Profi Pack 425 cardboard shredderabout it is, this machine isn’t really advertised by its manufacturer as an earth-friendly model.

I’m referring to the HSM Profi Pack 425 cardboard shredder. The Profi Pack 425 recycles empty cardboard boxes into free packaging material. We have a Profi Pack 425 cardboard shredder in the Office Zone warehouse. We have used it for several years without a hitch. This is one of the most reliable, worry-free machines we’ve ever encountered. You can see a video demonstration of our actual machine here.

Of course, the main benefits are free packing material and the efficient way of recycling unwanted cardboard boxes. But it’s also nice to know that we’re not adding unnecessary waste to the local landfill.


Is There a Trimmer for Both Paper and Foam Board?

Posted by: Morgan on May 13th, 2010


Good morning. I was looking at products on your site. I have been wanting to invest in a good paper trimmer. I am a graphic designer and have small projects that I need to be able to do in house. My large orders are done by outside vendors.

I was thinking of getting a rotary trimmer that would allow me to cut both foam board and paper products. I am not sure if you have one you can tell me about. I would like it to cut up to 48″.

I see cutters for foam board and cutters for paper. Is there one for both?

Thank you.

Katherine R.


Yes, there is a paper cutter that will handle both materials. We recommend the Rotatrim Technical Rotary Paper Trimmer T1250. Rotatrim paper Rotatrim Technical Rotary Paper Trimmer T1250trimmers are considered the strongest manual rotary cutters on the market today. Rotatrim blends brilliant engineering with the highest-quality durable components to create the Technical series of rotary trimmers.

The model T1250 trimmer is built to withstand high use and abuse and will easily handle your paper and foam board trimming projects. Its unique self-adjusting triple roller cutting head ensures smooth and accurate cuts through paper and thin foils, and other materials up to 4mm in thickness.