We are a food processor and are starting to use shrink wrap. We do vegetables in a 1 pound tray with shrink wrap. The trays are 6″ to 12″ long and 4″ wide. We also do European Cucumbers in a tube 14″ long. We like the PP1622MK SS Combo Shrink Wrap Systemidea of infrared light because this kills bacteria. Our volume is 800 packages per day now but will be increasing to over 10,000 per day. We can start with a simple system and upgrade in the future. Give me some ideas please.

Jack C.


We recommend the PP1622MK SS Combo Shrink Wrap System by GHL. You will be able to package a wide variety of food products with high speed and precision with this commercial/industrial shrink wrap system. It will process all of the items you mentioned. You can view a video demonstration of the PP1622MK SS Combo here.

This particular model is a dependable machine designed to process high-volume shrink wrap jobs. It can definitely withstand shrink wrapping 10,000 items per day. The PP1622MK SS uses a micro-knife system. That means you won’t have to worry about any down time from the seal wires, due to possible wearing out or breaking. The tunnel is highly effective and evenly shrinks film around all products. The tunnel also features a re-circulating air chamber with live roller rod conveyor. Unfortunately, we are unaware of any shrink wrap systems available with an infrared light.