Can you relate to the following situation? … We often receive inquiries from customers and others looking for a specific piece of office machinery, but they don’t quite know what to call it. This happens with me from time to time, especially when I’m looking for a part for my car.

One particular piece of equipment that falls under this category is a mail bagging machine. This is essentially a sophisticated system that takes a MiniPack Mail Bag Digitmagazine or a catalog and encases it in a nearly clear plastic bag. The mailing industry sometimes calls this process poly bagging.

The MiniPack Mail Bag Digit is such a machine. This model will not only plastic wrap magazines and catalogs, but you can also process booklets, newspapers, relatively thin phonebooks, bulletins and other publications. The Mail Bag Digit wraps these items with a roll of clear or printed polyethylene film (max. thickness 30 microns), placed on a motorized roller.

The film is driven in a width-adjustable forming box that folds it around the product. Heated knives then cut the bag to size. The result is a fully enclosed bag, automatically ejected from the machine. You can see a short video demonstration of this process on the Mail Bag Digit product page.