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Just added: Triumph 5222 Digicut Hydraulic Paper Cutter by Ideal

Posted by: Morgan on June 30th, 2010

Triumph 5222 Digicut Hydraulic Paper CutterIf you are looking for a heavy-duty, commercial-grade paper cutter, one that can cut a wide range of paper styles and thicknesses, then you should consider the new Triumph 5222 Digicut stack paper cutter by Ideal. The model 5222 Digicut cutter is intended for heavy, high-volume use. That means you can use the machine on a consistent basis throughout the day.

The 5222 Digicut features and advanced Safety Cutting System (SCS) package. This is a complete safety package that includes a front safety light beam, transparent safety cover, main switch safety lock with key, and required two-hand operation. If the operator so much as penetrates the light beam in the cutting area while the machine is functioning, operation stops immediately. These steps may initially appear to be overkill, but they are all highly critical when ensuring employee safety. Keep in mind: This is a powerful machine that can cut through up to a 3 1/8-inch stack of paper at a time!

Be sure to contact Office Zone for more details about the Triumph 5222 Digicut Hydraulic Paper Cutter today.


Quickly Cancel Stacks of Playing Cards with a Paper Drill

Posted by: Morgan on June 29th, 2010

Lassco-Wizer Spinnit HL-3 Paper DrillQuestion

Good morning, I am after information on the HL2 Drill. We use the drill for drilling playing cards to cancel out the decks. The HL2 is said to be for drilling cards, Do you also carry the drill bits for the HL2 or HL3? They are listed as a style H.

Thank you.

Brian W.


We do not carry the HL-2 paper drill, but we do offer the Lassco-Wizer Spinnit HL-3 Paper Drill. This relatively new model will quickly drill through three decks of playing cards at a time. The HL-3 paper drill is fully automatic and hydraulic-powered. That means this particular model easily drills through two-inches of paper with very little set-up time and effort.

The industrial-grade Spinnit HL-3 paper drill is designed for high performance and speed. It is easy to use and features a convenient foot pedal to activate the hydraulic lift. Office Zone offers the widest selection of paper drill bits online, but we do not carry style H drill bits. However, we do have style A drill bits for the Spinnit HL-3 Paper Drill.


Looking for Foil Stampers for Thesis and Dissertation Covers

Posted by: Morgan on June 23rd, 2010

Foil StamperQuestion


My name is Steve and I am looking at Gold Foil Stamping machines for doing our university Thesis & Dissertation book covers. It needs to be able to do the front and spine of the book. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You

Steve M.


Office Zone has the largest selection online of hot foil stampers for your book stamping needs. We carry several models from reputable foil stamping machine manufacturers such as KwikPrint and Howard Imprinting. Some of the more popular models include manually operated and pneumatic machines for high-volume printing. These would be ideal for stamping your thesis and dissertation books.

Our customers also typically use a foil stamper for imprinting napkins, pencils, matchbooks, photographs, and more. Our higher-end models would perform very well at stamping the front and spine of your books.


Can Booklet Makers Fold and Staple Cover Stock?

Posted by: Morgan on June 22nd, 2010

Martin Yale BM101 BookletmakerQuestion

Please counsel me on the capabilities of booklet makers. These would need to be not over $1,000 in price, as my volume would not justify more expense.

I understand there are limits to the size of sheets individual  booklet makers can fold and staple, as well as the number of sheets they can process at a time.

Is there also a limit on how heavy a stock the booklet makers can fold and staple? I notice all the ratings talk of 20 pound bond.

If the makers can process heavier stock, then this question: Can the makers fold several sheets of text paper (say 24 to 32 pounds) along with a sheet of cover stock (say 80 pounds cover) that would be placed under the text sheets so that the maker would fold and staple all into a booklet of several pages inside a thicker cover?

If the answer to the above is no, then an option might be to have the maker fold and staple the text paper separately into individual sets (if it can fold the 24 to 32 pound text stock) and then to manually fold the cover sheet, enclose the text sheets within the cover sheet, and then staple the lot together using a separate saddle-stitch stapler.

Your insights, please.

W.R. Jones


Booklet makers can handle cover stock paper, but it cuts down on the total number of sheets you can fold and staple at a time. Due to the nature of cover stock, and the differences in texture and finish with various brands, we recommend testing the paper prior to selecting a specific booklet maker model.

Most of our machines can handle cover stock, or card stock paper, but we cannot tell you, without some testing, what the limitations would be in total sheets of paper per model. We would be happy to test your samples on our booklet makers here at Office Zone.


Can a Stack Paper Cutter do all That?

Posted by: Morgan on June 21st, 2010

Stack Paper CutterQuestion

My application will include two actions:

1) Cutting stacks of sheets of 12” x 18” paper (bond, text, and/or cover stock) into half resulting in sheets of 12” x 9”. I understand that the number of sheets that can be cut will vary with the type of paper.

2) After the above paper is cut to 12” x 9” I would print these sheets on text stock in collated sets, add a sheet of cover stock (80# cover), then fold the sets individually and staple them into booklets (either manually or with a booklet maker). Finally I would trim any uneven edges of the booklets with the cutter. I understand that 3 sides might need trimming and of course would prefer to be able to trim a stack of such booklets.

What are the realities of using a stack paper cutter to do the above?


William J.


A stack paper cutter will handle the requirements of your job. We recommend the Dahle Model 852 Premium Stack Paper Cutter. We recently had the opportunity to test this very model and it performs well with cutting projects such as yours. The thing you will like the most about the model 852 is it’s relative ease of use. Most stack cutters in this price range are a little more cumbersome to work with, but the 852 is a streamlined machine that makes light work of large cutting jobs.

The Dahle 852 stack cutter helps you save time by cutting up to 200 sheets in just one stroke. You can quickly position the stack paper for multiple trims. It also has a built-in laser beam and adjustable paper backstop to help you accurately line up each cut.


Some Good Questions About the Dynafold DE-202AF

Posted by: Morgan on June 18th, 2010

Dynafold DE-202AF Paper Folding MachineQuestion


I am comparing paper folders for the medical office where I work. I like the videos by the way. Great idea! I’ve just watched the video for the DE-202AF. I just happened to notice the photo of the product has a knob, but the machine in the video does not have a knob. I’m assuming the knob adjusts the variable speed. If I order this, will my machine have a knob or not?

We average only 1,000 – 2,000 letters a month, but we need a reliable machine. Our previous machine, the Martin Yale Rapid Fold P7200 would either not grip the paper to pull it through at all or it would grab a whole stack and pull too many pages a time. The jam would be so tight the machine had to be taken apart to clear it. Often it would “eat” our letters. Most of our letters are customized, so we would have to go in the computer and request these individual letters to be re-printed. All-in-all, we end up babysitting the machine and cleaning up its messes. It hasn’t saved us time or money. We returned to hand-folding, but as our workload increases we don’t have the time to spare for this.

I didn’t see any customer reviews for the DE-202AF so I wonder if you have received any feedback on the machine.

Thanks for the info,

Sonya J.


We appreciate your feedback about our Dynafold DE-202AF automatic paper folder video demonstration. About the knob in the product photo, the DE-202AF comes with a folding speed adjustment knob. The video demo you viewed featured an older demonstration model that did not have the speed adjustment function when we produced the demo.

The DE-202AF will definitely handle your volume of letter folding. In fact, it can actually fold up to 6,000 sheets an hour. It’s a highly reliable machine that will literally let you hit the start button and walk away. Very little baby sitting is required. I’m not sure what exactly the problem was with your Martin Yale paper folder, there are several factors that could contribute to your troubles with that particular machine.

With friction-feed paper folders such as the DE-202AF, you must know that folding glossy or slick paper is not an option. The rubber rollers cannot consistently and accurately fold this type of paper. We currently do not have any customer reviews of the DE-202AF on our Web site, but the machine has earned the coveted Office Zone Customer Choice label. Customer Choice products are labeled as such because of their excellent track record and reliability.


Question on the FP-1(B) High-Capacity Single Hole Punch

Posted by: Morgan on June 17th, 2010

FP-1(B) High-Capacity Single Hole PunchQuestion


I am wondering if someone could please supply me an answer about the FP-1(B) Single hole punch. I am trying to figure out how deep/what the reach is. I want to make sure that the holes will fall deep enough for my project, since the depth is not adjustable on this item. I would be using the 1/8″ punch bit.

Thank you!

Carrie B.


The maximum margin punch depth of the FP-1(B) Single Hole Punch is one inch. We had the opportunity to test this paper punch recently and it’s quite an amazing little machine. You can easily punch through a wide variety of materials with the FP-1(B). It’s impressive to see just how much paper you can actually punch through with this little wonder — 300 sheets of 20 lb. bond at a time!

This single-hole punch is also the ideal tool for heat-sensitive materials. Paper drills typically cannot effectively penetrate plastic report covers, laminated materials, and the like because of the heat generated during the drilling process. The FP-1(B) is a heavy-duty machine and is designed to withstand years of heavy use.


Helpful Troubleshooting tip for Dynafold Paper Folders

Posted by: Morgan on June 16th, 2010

Dynafold DE-322 AF folding plate adjustmentHere’s a useful tip for customers who own a Dynafold Model DE-102AF, DE-202AF, or a DE-322AF automatic paper folding machine. When you first install the top folding plate on the unit, you will notice a silver bar that spans almost the entire width of the machine. I have included a photo here for convenient reference. The white arrow in the photo points to the silver bar.

For optimum performance, you need to first gently lift up this spring-loaded bar, and then insert the top folding plate under it. Make sure the top folding plate is snug and doesn’t move. This little procedure will ensure accurate performance with the folding plate on your machine and prevent possible paper jams. You do not need to follow this procedure for the bottom folding plate, but be sure it’s installed correctly and does not move.

If you need further assistance with your Dynafold paper folder, please contact our service department. We are more than happy to help.


A Pouch Laminator That Lasts Decades: The Banner American PL4A

Posted by: Morgan on June 15th, 2010

Banner American PL4A Pouch LaminatorTrue story: Yesterday we had a customer stop by our office looking for pouch lamination film. She wanted to get the right kind of film for her laminator, so she brought in her machine just to be sure. She had a model PL4A pouch laminator by Banner American. Her machine is decades old and is still in fine working condition.

The PL4A is literally a marvel of quality product engineering. We admit that the machine isn’t the most stylish, but it’s what’s inside that counts. The PL4A is a small, rugged lamintor thanks to its internal metal gears and a beefy motor. You can laminate business cards, ID cards, luggage tags, tickets, you name it, all day and the machine simply doesn’t quit.

The independent heat and motor control system of the American-made PL4A allows it to be left on standby (heat ready) for hours at a time without wearing out the motor. The handy standby feature means you can instantly re-start laminating at any time. The PL4A is rated as a high-volume, high-quality, pouch laminator and comes highly recommended by Office Zone.


Need to Lease Shrink Wrap Machine

Posted by: Morgan on June 14th, 2010

Shrink Wrap MachineQuestion

Good morning:

I’m a Project Engineer and for one of my projects I have to lease a shrink wrap machine. I’ve seen on your web-site that you possess shrink systems and please will let me know if something is available right now for lease – regarding to below information.

In attachment you will find pictures about our promotion production – 2 bottles shrink together – 114 fl oz + 22 fl oz. On these pictures you will find all dimensions regarding to our product. Machine requirements – The shrink tunnel with an aperture of min. 14″ high.

So please will let me know ASAP because I need this equipment here before oncoming Monday. I had one company how should lease me this machine (used shrink wrap machine) but unfortunately they have so technical issues with this machine.


Robert K.


Office Zone offers a wide variety of L-bar shrink wrapping systems with tunnels. L-bar shrink systems use impulses of electricity that cut and seal film much faster than traditional I-bar shrink systems. They also produce less odor.

We have everything you need to start shrink wrapping a wide variety of products including food, DVDs, CDs, bottles, software boxes and more. In your photos you indicate you want to shrink wrap two plastic household cleaning product bottles together. Most of the machines on our shrink wrap index page can handle this.

You also said that you needed a machine with a shrink tunnel chamber at least 14 inches high. Most of the models we offer do not have a heat chamber this tall. However, all you need to do is wrap the two bottles in the shrink film, position them next to each other horizontally in the chamber, and then close the hood to shrink wrap them together.

Office Zone has a lease-to-own payment system. You can find more information about our office equipment leasing program here.