Signature GemSignature capture pads and pens are making an invasion into many aspects of our lives. If you buy something at the store using a credit card, you have probably used a one of these devices. Ever picked up a prescription? You have probably used one. The same goes if you have ever signed for a package as it is delivered. These pads can be used to capture signatures for a variety of applications. Here are a few basic tips and information regarding these unique devices.

Digital pen tablets allow the operator to use a pen-like instrument to sign a plastic pad that captures that signature and transforms it into an image. This image can be stored in a database, be pasted into a document, be e-mailed and much more. There are several uses for these devices.

Many digital capture tablets can be integrated into existing software programs. Topaz, one of the leading manufacturers of these types of devices, has several developer kits available for use with multiple programming languages. Some kits make it possible to even securely sign documents over the Internet. Topaz manufactures lines such as the SigLite, SignatureGem and more.

Not all capture pads are the same. They vary in design and function, depending on the need for the device. The most basic signature capture pads typically handle around 10,000 signatures. Other signature capture pads can handle upwards of 250,000 signatures.

Entry-level signature capture pads do not include a visual LCD interface. They simply capture a signature, albeit there is a guide line letting the customer or user know where to sign. This is often all that is needed. LCD versions of signature capture pads include visual guides on where to sign the signature and allow the user to see their signature as it is being signed. LCD pads will often allow the integration of a menu guide for use with POS systems.

If you still require a paper copy, for filing or legal issues, there are signatures capture tables that use a sheet of paper on the surface, but can still capture the data digitally underneath the paper. The surface area of the signature capture pad varies as well, depending on how large a signature or how much data needs to be captured or displayed. Most pads have at least a 1 x 5-inch surface area.

Signature capture pads continue to rise in use and popularity. You can find out more information about digital pen tablets by contacting Office Zone.