So will the Spiral O work with a 2:1 pitch?  I have a Zutter Bind it all and I’m trying to figure out the difference between these two types of wires and what will work with my machine.

Susan G.


We have heard of Zutter binding machines, but have not seen one up close. From what we’ve observed, it appears to be used mainly for home craft, scrap booking type projects. It does not appear to be a machine intended for use with office projects. The point is, we’re not sure what your binding machine’s hole punch pattern/pitch is and what type of wire to recommend.

3:1 Wire Pattern

Wire binding machines are manufactured in one of three different hole punch formats. The 2:1 Wire Patternwire binding supplies must have the same hole pattern as the machine, or 19-Ring Spiral-O Wirethey simply will not work. The three hole patterns are 2:1 wire, 3:1 wire and 19-ring Spiral-O.

The 2:1 wire has two holes per inch, 3:1, three holes per inch, 19-ring Spiral-O has the same hole pattern as a comb binding machine. I’ve included a few images here for reference. Your machine should state what hole pattern/pitch it uses. Some higher-end machines will punch multiple hole patterns.

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