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What is the Adjustable Margin Depth for the 1325PB, 1325B, 1340PB Hole Punches?

Posted by: Morgan on July 23rd, 2010

1325PB, 1325B, 1340PB Hole PunchesQuestion

The Martin Yale punch models 1325PB, 1325B & 1340PB state they have an adjustable margin depth but it doesn’t state what that depth is.  I checked the Martin site and it didn’t state either.  Need clarification on the margin depth spec.  I need a depth from the edge of the paper up to 1″.  I also will need an extra punch head as my application requires 4 holes.  If there is an option for 1/4″ punch size that would be preferred but can get by with 9/32″.

Gordon K.


The margin depth adjustment for these three models goes up to a half inch. The manufacturer, Martin Yale, has found that most businesses do not need a hole punched in a stack of paper that reaches beyond a half-inch. Holes punched further into the paper typically make it more difficult to turn the pages of a bound document. The largest diameter punch head in this series of paper punches is 13/32″. You can also install up to seven punch heads on the unit.

Paper hole punches are a useful tool for punching multiple stacks of paper, and assisting in the document binding process. Paper hole punches are available in a wide variety of models and formats. These commonly include single-hole punches that punch through hundreds of sheets at a time, custom punches, two-hole punches and three-hole punches.

Some paper hole punch models, such as the 1325B and 1340PB, come with different diameter punch heads, depending on your preference. The most common hole size is a quarter inch in diameter. Typically, the larger the hole the easier it is to turn a page in a stack of paper.


Introducing: New Low-Cost Office Machines From Intelli-Zone

Posted by: Morgan on July 22nd, 2010

Intelli-Zone Office MachinesIf you need to save money on your next office equipment purchase, Intelli-Zone has the machine you need. Intelli-Zone is a new manufacturer of office machines including paper shredders, binding machines, laminators and automatic paper folding machines. Intelli-Zone manufactures attractive, quality equipment with low prices.

Think you can only afford a cheap department store paper shredder for your office? Not to worry. Intelli-Zone Intelli-Shred paper shredders are not only extremely affordable, they are also durable and reliable. This new line of shredders have hardened steel blades that destroy a wide variety of materials. Most models shred DVDs, CDs, credit cards, ID tags, etc., without any problem. These shredders are simple to use and are attractively styled.

Why spend a large sum on a paper folder when you can get a reliable, quality machine for a fraction of the cost? Intelli-Fold paper folding machines are not only affordable, they are simple to set up, easy to adjust and may be adjusted to create the most common paper folds used in business today. You can even set up Intelli-Fold paper folders to create your own unique, custom folds.

Intelli-Lam pouch laminators are not only reliable and easy to use, they are also budget-friendly. These durable laminators may be used to laminate and protect a wide range of paper, craft projects, documents, and other materials. Most models feature adjustable temperature, four rollers, and the capability to process 10 mil thick laminating film.

Intelli-Bind binding machines look great, may be purchased at a competitive price, and are designed to hold up for several years. Intelli-Bind machines are available in all popular styles including comb, wire and spiral. All models are used to bind a wide variety of documents, proposals, books, school reports, projects, literature, and other materials. Our wide selection of Intelli-Bind binding machines includes manual and electric models.


A Shredder that Destroys 20 Sheets for $1,000?

Posted by: Morgan on July 21st, 2010

Dahle 30414 Cross Cut ShredderQuestion

Do you have a shredder around $1000 that shreds 20 sheets, jam free heavy duty, micro or cross cut?

Brenda M.


That’s a tall order! We found you a shredder, but it’s actually about $1,600 — the Dahle model 30414 Cross Cut Shredder. It shreds between 20-25 sheets of paper at a time (depending on paper weight). The challenge that you run into when searching for a cross cut shredder is sheet capacity. Most cross cut or micro cut shredders in your requested price range will not shred 20 sheets of paper at a time.

But high sheet capacity certainly isn’t an issue with the powerful Dahle 30414 paper shredder. This impressive German-engineered machine is capable of continuously shredding paper without the necessity of a cooling-down period. That’s because the Dahle 30414 shredder has a thermally protected motor. It’s also equipped with a heavy-duty, chain-driven motor. This keeps the shredder consistently shredding without any slipping.

The Dahle 30414 not only shreds paper, but destroys DVDs, CDs, credit cards, ID badges and other similar items. Several sensors make the 30414 one smart shredder. These sensors include an automatic on/off switch that detects paper when it is inserted into the machine, and a convenient bag-full indicator.


Inquiry on Model SS-45NHL and SS-45N Electric Saddle Staplers

Posted by: Morgan on July 20th, 2010

SS-45N Electric Saddle StaplerQuestion

Dear Sir/Madam:

Would either of these machines handle glossy stock and up to how many sheets?

My other question is how long will shipping/delivery take? Thanks.

Beth G.


We consulted Staplex, the manufacturer of the SS-45NHL and SS-45N Electric Saddle Staplers, and found that the paper stapling capacity depends on two factors. First, you need to know the paper weight. Coated stock, or glossy paper, comes in various thicknesses or weights. Second, glossy paper is manufactured with varying amounts of clay. The clay gives the paper increased rigidity. As a general rule of thumb, most glossy stock paper will reduce the stapling capacity of an electric stapler by at least 50 percent.

The model SS-45N was recently discontinued by the manufacturer, but the SS-45NHL dual capacity stapler is still available and will staple up to 40 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at a time. If you need to staple more than 15 sheets of 20 lb. at once, you should use the RLD Thick Wire Long Length Staples for best results.

Delivery time on this model is typically three to five business days, depending on your location. It is also important to note that Staplex will not release a machine before testing a customer’s paper samples. This ensures that the right machine is delivered for your specific needs.


Shrink Wrap Mass Quantities of CDs with Minipack Media Auto

Posted by: Morgan on July 19th, 2010

Minipack Media Auto Shrink Wrap MachineQuestion

I need the best value in a semi automatic Shrink wrap machine. I need to shrink wrap 50 CDs and a CD player all together where I stack the 50 CDs (in jewel cases) on top of a CD player put in a very clear heavy duty clear bag and run thru a heater to shrink the CDs and the CD player together and sell to a retailer so that the package looks like a great value and consumer can see the CDs with player and looks very professional.

We sell about 20 to 50k of these packs in one year. Our margins are very tight so I need something that is cost efferent and can do at least 500 to a 1000 per day with one or 2 people working the whole thing. Must be easy to operate so little training and must set up this machine with in 2 weeks to meet timing.

John S.


We recommend the Minipack Media Auto Shrink Wrap Machine for your highly specialized CD wrapping application. This shrink system is quick and efficient at wrapping large quantities of media components and materials. The Minipack Media was especially engineered for high-volume shrink wrapping jobs such as yours. It boasts a large sealing area and a heat tunnel that quickly shrinks down both PVC and Polyolefin shrink wrap film.

You can use either type of film for your special shrink wrapping project. The machine may also be programmed for various other jobs as well. The Minipack Media Auto Shrink Wrap Machine is a competitively price model for its category, easy to set up and operate, and it’s built to last a long time.


What are Biometric Employee Time Clocks?

Posted by: Morgan on July 14th, 2010

Biometric Employee Time ClocksBiometric employee time clocks are essentially payroll time clocks that scan and use a biological piece of an employee’s body to help them sign in and out of work. The scan usually involves a fingerprint or a handprint. Years ago, biometric time clocks were only affordable for large businesses and government organizations. Today, fortunately, biometric time clocks are affordable even for small home businesses.

The technology is quite simple and works this way: Employees scan their index fingerprint into the time clock. Employee identification information is then associated with that unique scan. From that point forward, the employee may log in and out of work by simply using their fingerprint scan.

This is not only convenient for the employee, but also a significant security feature for the employer. Here’s why: The most substantial benefit of using a biometric employee time clock is the complete elimination of buddy punching. Buddy punching unfortunately happens when a fellow employee punches in and out of work on behalf of a coworker. A biometric time clock ensures that an employee is only being paid for the work they are doing. This keeps employees honest and lets employers rest easy knowing they have a fool-proof method in place for avoiding buddy punching.


What Paper Folder do you Recommend for Small to Medium Runs?

Posted by: Morgan on July 13th, 2010

Dynafold DE-8 Automatic Paper FolderQuestion

I am currently looking for some equipment for my print shop. We are getting ready to expand our location and product line. What paper folder would you recommend for small to medium runs? I saw one that scores perfs and slits. Could you tell me more about it and a little more info on what the difference is in folders my current one is really old.. lol

When I hear back from someone I will have more pricing requests as well.

Travis P.


We recommend the Dynafold DE-8 Automatic Paper Folder. The DynaFold DE-8 is a lightweight, yet high-performance automatic paper folding machine. It is relatively easy to set up and operate. We have found this particular model popular with print shops, schools, banks, various offices and churches. Customers especially find it useful for folding business correspondence letters, bank statements, invoices and marketing materials.

The DE-8 paper folder can perform several common and uncommon folds. The DE-8 adjusts for differing paper thickness, and it can half-fold sheets of paper at an impressive rate of 22,000 sheets per hour. This model includes a creasing roller, dotted line roller, and cutting roller. Customers find these extra rollers useful for creating tear-off coupons, tickets and marketing promotional literature.


Are There any Paper Shredders Manufactured in the United States?

Posted by: Morgan on July 9th, 2010

American-Made Ameri-Shred Paper ShredderAre you looking for a paper shredder manufactured in the US? That’s a difficult proposition these days since most brands originate overseas. Most United States-based shredder manufacturers outsource their raw materials and assembly work in China, Korea and Germany. Fortunately, there’s still one legitimate US paper shredder manufacturer out there: Ameri-Shred.

Ameri-Shred specializes in heavy-duty commercial, office and business shredders. Thanks to this relatively new brand of paper shredders to Office Zone, you can support US commerce and shred large volumes of paper and not worry about overheating or breaking down. These are durable, 100-percent American-made paper shredders. Each model is manufactured with high-quality solid steel parts. This means your shredder will cut through thick stacks paper without flinching.

Most Ameri-Shred paper shredders are capable of shredding through hundreds of pounds of paper per hour. One model can even destroy 230 sheets of paper at a time! Be sure to take a closer look at all American-made Ameri-Shred paper shredders today.


What Laminating Film Should I use With my Easy Lam II Laminator?

Posted by: Morgan on July 8th, 2010

Easy Lam II LaminatorQuestion

I have bought an Easy Lam II laminator and I’m confused which laminating film to use.

Can you guide me please.

Best Regards

Naim A.


The EasyLam II Roll Laminator from Banner American is an excellent machine. It’s also a snap to operate. The EasyLam II offers plenty of clearance for lamination film loading. This means no more burnt knuckles when you need to hot-load a roll of film. The EasyLam II also features easy-to-use operator controls. There is a wide variety of laminating films that you can use with this laminator.

You may use 1.5 mil or 3 mil thick film with the EasyLam II. The film most of our customers use is the clear type. In fact, clear is the most common film used today. It is easy to work with and relatively inexpensive. You typically find clear roll lamination film in most copy shops, offices and schools.

Matte film is another popular stye and quite similar to clear lamination film. Matte film has a dull, non-glossy look. This type of film is ideal for eliminating annoying glare. You could also use UV film with your machine. This type of film protects and preserves documents by filtering out UV rays that fade color in photographs and other images. Office Zone carries several other types of laminating films that you can view here.


What’s the Best Sealer for Vacuum Sealing Beef?

Posted by: Morgan on July 7th, 2010

Minipack Food Vac External Clamp Vacuum SealerQuestion

How reliable is this Mini Pack External clamp sealer an how does it compare to the Foodsaver machines? I butcher 2 cows per year plus many vegetables. What machine would you recommend?

Herb C.


Food vacuum sealers are amazing tools for preserving and storing food for an extended amount of time. We carry several models that should fit your needs. However, we need some more information before making the most
accurate recommendation.

What’s the largest item you plan to seal? How many bags do you want to seal in a day? Do you plan to vacuum seal products with liquids? Is time a concern? Do you need to process food in a relatively short amount of time?

The model you mentinoed, the Minipack Food Vac External Clamp Vacuum Sealer, is a well-built, reliable model capable of handling most small, home vacuum sealing jobs. It’s also a good choice for select light duties at a restaurant or other similar food environment. We are not familiar with the Foodsaver line, so we would not be able to offer you comparisions with competing models.

Since you plan to process and vacuum pack at least two head of beef this year, we recommend you go with a commercial-grade chamber vacuum sealer. The money savings alone for vacuum bag supplies is reason enough to go in this direction.

Vacuum bags for external vacuum sealers require more of an investment when compared to internal chamber sealer supplies. Be sure to contact Office Zone to determine the best food vacuum sealer for your needs.