Fellowes Jupiter JL 125 Office Pouch LaminatorQuestion


I am interested in buying a pouch laminating machine and would like your recommendation. I am a bit overwhelmed by all the choices!

I will be using the laminator in my home and will need to laminate about 1000 letter size pages over the next few months. I will probably use 7 or 10mil pouches. I need professional, reliable results. I’m looking to spend between $100 and $200.

I don’t think I’ll need the cold setting but I would like the option of laminating a medium cardstock paper.

Thank you.



If you absolutely must keep your purchase under $200, then the Fellowes Jupiter JL 125 Office Pouch Laminator is your best option. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot use 10 mil lamination pouches with this particular model. The thickest pouch you can use is 7 mil. But if you’re laminating medium-weight cardstock with 7 mil film, you should have plenty of rigidity with the final product.

The Jupiter JL 125 is especially useful for laminating photos, menus, art projects, covers and more. This is an easy-to-use laminator with many features typically found on more expensive laminators. Some of these features include a reverse button (to back out jammed objects), a variable temperature control, and a cold setting for pressure-sensitive laminating film. This setting is typically used by our customers who want to protect a photograph or laser-jet printed materials and avoid heat damage.

After just four minutes, the JL-125 is fully warmed up and ready to use. The Jupiter JL-125 is a good, all-around economical pouch laminator choice for home and office environments.