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Can the TISH Bag Heat Sealer Seal Cellophane Bags?

Posted by: Morgan on August 30th, 2010

Traco TISH Portable Heat SealerQuestion


I’m looking at purchasing this heat sealer, but I can’t tell if it can be used with cellophane bags? We’d prefer to use cellophane bags so I’d like to make sure it will work with those before purchasing.




Are you 100% certain that the bag you want to seal is made of cellophane? If so, yes, the Traco TISH Bag Sealer will work just fine. However, we’re willing to wager that your cellophane bags are actually Coex extruded polypropylene bags. If this is the case, then the heat sealer will still work, but with some added effort and patience. You see, polypropylene material has a higher melting temperature than cellophane. It will require a significant more amount of time and heat to make the cut and then seal on your bag.

Although relatively new to Office Zone, the Traco TISH series portable sealers are a popular item with our customers. They are compact, fit just about anywhere and are simple to use. There is no warm-up or cool down time required whatsoever. This means you can plug in your sealer and use it almost immediately. The TISH series use a standard 110v power outlet. The adjustable timer makes it easy to seal bags and eliminates the need to tear away bags after the sealing process.


Trying to Find Paper Slitter for Recycling

Posted by: Morgan on August 27th, 2010

Martin Yale 3800FC Form Cutter/Slitter/PerforatorQuestion

We are trying to find a machine to help us in our recycling efforts, by looking at your website I think you may have the machine for me. We want to take 8 ½ x 11 ” paper and run it through so it can be slit into strips for packaging – probably some place around ½”  to 1″ wide.

I am hoping that you have a machine that can slit that thin – if not let me know what the thinnest your machines can do. We would be looking at a lease to own option on the machine to make sure that what we really want to do is feasible for us.


Michael K.


You have a few different options that you may choose from. First of all, your choice depends quite a bit on how many sheets you need cut up per day. If you need to cut up large quantities, then there are industrial paper shredders able to create 1/2-inch wide strips:

If a 1/2-inch wide cut isn’t critical, and 1/4-inch is fine, you could go with a narrower strip cut paper shredder:

Or, you could use a form cutter such as the Martin Yale 3800FC. This is the slowest processing option, but you could set the machine to slit paper in either 1/2-inch or one-inch widths.


How to Make Luggage Tags from Business Cards

Posted by: Morgan on August 26th, 2010

Banner American PL4A Pouch LaminatorQuestion

Could you please recommend a laminator for business cards? At an upcoming trade show, we would like to offer folks to have their business cards laminated to be used as luggage tags.  We saw this done several years ago and were wondering what type of equipment and supplies are required.

Thank you … Dale …

Dale W.


You definitely need the Banner American PL4A Pouch Laminator. We have actually used it at several trade shows in years past for the very same thing you want to do. This little laminator has been around for decades and performs like a champ. If you plan to run the laminator all day during the trade show, you want a pouch laminator that’s as reliable as the PL4A.

This model’s independent heat and motor control system allows it to be left on stand-by (heat ready) for hours at a time without degrading the motor. You can also instantly re-start the laminating process at any time. The PL4A is equipped with metal gears and a powerful motor that help the laminator run for several years. Its four-roller lamination system delivers a professional-looking, clear finish.

The PL4A is rated by Office Zone as a high-volume, high-quality pouch laminator. Its maximum laminating width is 3-3/4 inches — ample room to fit a business card. The maximum pouch thickness you can use with this machine is 10 mil. In fact, we recommend you use 10 mil pouches when making the free luggage tags.

Office Zone also carries the other supplies and accessories you need to create business card luggage tags. We have a wide assortment of luggage straps, pouch lamination film, and slot punches.


Need Inexpensive Document Folder Recommendation

Posted by: Morgan on August 25th, 2010

Dynafold DE-102AF Paper FolderQuestion

We are looking for a document folder that can fold up to 8.5 x 14 paper, up to 20 lb/24 lb; must be able to do C-fold. Can you make some suggestions? On a very tight budget; therefore, looking for an inexpensive, manual model.

L. Anderson


The Dynafold DE-102AF paper folder is probably your best option. First of all, the DE-102AF will fold paper up to 8-1/2″ by 14″ in size. It can process a respectable variety of paper weights from 16 lb. bond up to 24 lb. bond. It can also perform a Letter, or “C” fold.

The Dynafold DE-102AF uses friction wheels to pull paper into rubber rollers that fold the paper into a variety of folds. The manually adjustable folding plates of the Dynafold DE-102AF let you create a variety of custom folds. In addition to the C fold, the machine will execute these other common paper folds:

  • Single (Half, V) fold
  • Z (Accordion) fold
  • Double Parallel fold
  • Gate fold
  • Half Accordion (Fold-out, Engineering) fold

The DE-102AF is capable of self-adjusting to different paper thickness. It can hold up to 500 sheets of paper at a time and folds 6,000 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets per hour. This paper folding machine is rated as a medium-volume model.


Is This a Heat Shrink Tunnel Problem?

Posted by: Morgan on August 24th, 2010

AIE Heat Shrink Wrap TunnelQuestion

I am interesting in sourcing out a new heat tunnel. The one we currently own doesn’t perform satisfactorily. We primarily use the heat tunnel to shrink wrap our lids to the jars. We use a 6 oz. jar and the lid diameter is approx. 3.5 inches. The problem with our current tunnel is when the jars are fed through the shrink wrap tends to move up and results in the seal “squishing” up towards the top.

If you have any product that can perform this job without the shrink wrap moving up it would be appreciated. I was looking at model numbers:

Please get back to me with any information you might have.

Raymond D.


We did a little research into your problem and believe that your squished film issue may have something to do with one of the following:

  • The unusual shape of the jar
  • The smooth surface of the bottle
  • Possibility of using the incorrect film
  • Possibility of using the incorrect heat tunnel temperature
  • Are you using shrink wrap sleeves or a centerfold roll of shrink film?

If your jar has a bottle neck, it may be causing the film to ride up to the narrowest point. If the film is shrinking at an inconsistent rate, it could give the film time to climb up the jar. It could also have to do with using the wrong type of film, or using old film. We recommend that you send us a sample jar so we can test it and offer further suggestions.


Does the Shrinkwrap Model SS-40DS Include a Roll of Film?

Posted by: Morgan on August 23rd, 2010

SS-40DS 40-inch Super Sealer Shrink Wrap MachineQuestion

I am interested in purchasing the table top shrinkwrap model SS-40DS 40-inch machine. I was just wondering if it comes with the roll of wrap or do I purchase it separately? And how much for the roll if I have to buy it separately, and what size for that model. Thank you kindly.

Joel S.


Yes, the SS-40DS 40-inch Super Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine (Deluxe Model) includes a starter roll of shrink wrap film. In fact, all Deluxe models come with one free roll of shrink film (width 36 inches). Most of our customers use the Deluxe Super-Sealer SS-40DS to wrap protective film around all sorts of items including gift baskets, fruit baskets, candy boxes, software boxes, CDs, DVDs, and other products. You can see our wide selection of shrink wrap supplies and film here.

The Deluxe super sealer series of shrink wrapping machines are easy use … just slide the item you want to shrink wrap into the film and pull down the sealing arm. You next use the included heat gun to shrink and form-fit the film around the product. This creates a smooth, clean, professional-looking package. This is by far the most popular shrink wrapping method available on the market today.


Interested in Padding Press for High School

Posted by: Morgan on August 20th, 2010

Mini 2 Padding PressQuestion

I teach high school business classes and am interested in buying a padding press and the other items necessary to get started.  We would make note pads and would also like to be able to do 8 1/2 x 11 sheets.  Could you please give me ideas about which press would be most appropriate for these uses?  Thanks.

Johnnie B.


Padding presses, or paper padders, are a quick and inexpensive tool to help create your notepads. Individual sheets of paper, used or recycled, may be placed in a padding press and glued together. Padding presses are commonly used in schools, government offices, businesses and may be used with a variety of paper sizes and thicknesses. Some higher-end padding press models are capable of handling up to 10,000 sheets of paper at once!

Most padding presses can easily be used on top of a desk or countertop. Paper padders have been around for several years and are an effective way to recycle old paper.

We recommend the Mini 2 Padding Press for your school. This is a competitively priced model, especially kind to modest school budgets. The Mini 2 takes a stack of paper and holds it in place while you apply padding glue to the spine of a stack of paper. Once the glue is dry, a process that typically takes about 10 minutes, the clamping mechanism on the padder is then released and the note pads may be removed. New stacks of paper can then be inserted and padded.

Office Zone also carries all of the padding press accessories you need to do a professional padding job. You can see all of our padding supplies, including glue, here.


Looking for Industrial Vacuum Seal System

Posted by: Morgan on August 19th, 2010

Aline AVS-20 vacuum sealing machineQuestion


I am a consulting engineer with a client that is in need of a vacuum seal system. Currently they are doing one at a time by hand. This line is being automated and the need is to be able to do a minimum of 6 per minute.  Manual placement into a sealing device may be acceptable.

The application involves putting a vacuum sealed bag around a single part that is 5” in diameter and ranges in length from 5” to 10” in length with a small set of printed instructions placed into the bag before sealing. Do you have anything that might be applied to this application?


Darrell C.


The Aline AVS-20 vacuum sealing machine would be ideal for your client’s application. This is a highly-effective, yet easy-to-use vacuum seal model. It will vacuum seal a wide assortment of products up to 20 inches in length and will also meet your client’s production requirements.

The AVS-20 was designed for high-volume jobs in mind. This sealer may be used to vacuum seal electronics, food, medical goods and more. Aline products are known in the industry for their sturdy design and construction.


Recommended Paper Shredders for Shredding Service Company

Posted by: Morgan on August 18th, 2010

Formax FD 8802cc Cross Cut ShredderQuestion

Hi, we are starting a shredding service company. Currently we are evaluating the options we have in terms of  equipment. We are evaluating between the Formax 8802CC and the Destroyit 4107CC. Please let me know if you have any considerations on the above. If you have it, give us the daily processing capacity of each equipment.

Also, we want to evaluate the benefits, in pricing, of used or refurbished equipment, if you have such an option let us know.

Thanks in advance,



We highly recommend both of the models you listed. The Formax shredder requires a slightly lower investment than the Destroyit brand. The Formax FD 8802cc Cross Cut Shredder is a security level 2 high-capacity conveyor shredder. The Destroyit model shreds at security level 3. The Formax model was designed to shred large volumes of material. This is an auto-cleaning model and has several safety features built into it. The FD 8802cc come equipped with rugged heat-treated steel blades. This model can shred just about anything at the maximum speed of 40 feet per minute.

The Destroyit 4107cc Industrial Paper Shredder is a versatile paper shredder capable of shredding all sorts of material including cardboard boxes, crumpled paper, file folder, large stacks of computer printouts, computer disks and more. It is also ideal for destroying somewhat confidential and sensitive documents. The 4107cc can shred up to 50 feet of paper per minute, and can destroy 65-82 sheets of paper at a time, depending on the weight of the paper. Its large feeding table makes it easy to put paper into the shredder.

We currently do not stock used or refurbished versions of these shredders. However, both companies do make high quality machines designed to last for decades of heavy use. The most important factor to consider when looking for a used machine is finding out the work load required of the motor. And, it’s important to find out if the used shredder’s shredding heads are still in good condition. Make sure the machine was serviced on a regular basis and the shredding heads were oiled.


Inexpensive Counterfeit Detection Possible With the MD-118 FL

Posted by: Morgan on August 18th, 2010

MD-118 FL Portable UV Money DetectorWith one counterfeit detection unit, looks can be deceiving. And that’s a good thing. On the outside, the MD-118 FL Portable UV Money Detector appears to be nothing more than a simple ultraviolet (UV) light. We admit that the MD-118 FL isn’t the most high-tech looking counterfeit detector out there. Yet, its simple design and operation will spare you a significant amount of money and stress. After all, if you accept a counterfeit note and then try to deposit it at the bank, it will be immediately detected and not accepted. It’s yours.

The UV lamp of the MD-118 FL counterfeit detector helps you verify legitimate currency embedded with protective UV-enabled features. The UV properties of a legitimate bill, such as watermark images and symbols, will immediate display when held under the special light of the MD-118 FL. Fake bills have none of these characteristics simply because they are extremely difficult and expensive to replicate.

The MD-118FL is also impact resistant and small enough to fit in your pocket. It operates on four “AA” batteries (not included), and comes with a built-in AC adaptor jack.