Dahle 858 Premium Stack Paper CutterQuestion

I have a Dahle 858 cutter and am looking for an attachment that will hold multi page booklets in place without slipping. Do you carry these?

Bill K.


How thick are your multi-page booklets? And what kind of paper are you using? The Dahle 858 Premium Stack Paper Cutter can slice through 700 sheets of paper at a time — almost a ream and a half of paper! That’s quite a lot for a manual stack cutter. The model 858 can cut paper up to 18-5/8-inches wide too. The actual cutting action with the model 858 doesn’t take a lot of effort; however, we have found that Triumph cutters are comparatively easier to use.

The automatic paper clamp in this cutter is quite a bit different from clamping devices that we have tested at Office Zone in the past. Most high-end stack cutters have a separately operated clamping mechanism that holds the paper in place before cutting. The Dahle 858’s clamp and cutter are simultaneously activated by using the cutting handle. The clamp, although unusual from our point of view, seemed to hold the paper in place just fine while cutting various sizes and thicknesses of paper. The manufacturer does not provide a separate attachment to hold paper in place.

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