Banner American PL4A Pouch LaminatorQuestion

Could you please recommend a laminator for business cards? At an upcoming trade show, we would like to offer folks to have their business cards laminated to be used as luggage tags.  We saw this done several years ago and were wondering what type of equipment and supplies are required.

Thank you … Dale …

Dale W.


You definitely need the Banner American PL4A Pouch Laminator. We have actually used it at several trade shows in years past for the very same thing you want to do. This little laminator has been around for decades and performs like a champ. If you plan to run the laminator all day during the trade show, you want a pouch laminator that’s as reliable as the PL4A.

This model’s independent heat and motor control system allows it to be left on stand-by (heat ready) for hours at a time without degrading the motor. You can also instantly re-start the laminating process at any time. The PL4A is equipped with metal gears and a powerful motor that help the laminator run for several years. Its four-roller lamination system delivers a professional-looking, clear finish.

The PL4A is rated by Office Zone as a high-volume, high-quality pouch laminator. Its maximum laminating width is 3-3/4 inches — ample room to fit a business card. The maximum pouch thickness you can use with this machine is 10 mil. In fact, we recommend you use 10 mil pouches when making the free luggage tags.

Office Zone also carries the other supplies and accessories you need to create business card luggage tags. We have a wide assortment of luggage straps, pouch lamination film, and slot punches.