MD-118 FL Portable UV Money DetectorWith one counterfeit detection unit, looks can be deceiving. And that’s a good thing. On the outside, the MD-118 FL Portable UV Money Detector appears to be nothing more than a simple ultraviolet (UV) light. We admit that the MD-118 FL isn’t the most high-tech looking counterfeit detector out there. Yet, its simple design and operation will spare you a significant amount of money and stress. After all, if you accept a counterfeit note and then try to deposit it at the bank, it will be immediately detected and not accepted. It’s yours.

The UV lamp of the MD-118 FL counterfeit detector helps you verify legitimate currency embedded with protective UV-enabled features. The UV properties of a legitimate bill, such as watermark images and symbols, will immediate display when held under the special light of the MD-118 FL. Fake bills have none of these characteristics simply because they are extremely difficult and expensive to replicate.

The MD-118FL is also impact resistant and small enough to fit in your pocket. It operates on four “AA” batteries (not included), and comes with a built-in AC adaptor jack.