Mini 2 Padding PressQuestion

I teach high school business classes and am interested in buying a padding press and the other items necessary to get started.  We would make note pads and would also like to be able to do 8 1/2 x 11 sheets.  Could you please give me ideas about which press would be most appropriate for these uses?  Thanks.

Johnnie B.


Padding presses, or paper padders, are a quick and inexpensive tool to help create your notepads. Individual sheets of paper, used or recycled, may be placed in a padding press and glued together. Padding presses are commonly used in schools, government offices, businesses and may be used with a variety of paper sizes and thicknesses. Some higher-end padding press models are capable of handling up to 10,000 sheets of paper at once!

Most padding presses can easily be used on top of a desk or countertop. Paper padders have been around for several years and are an effective way to recycle old paper.

We recommend the Mini 2 Padding Press for your school. This is a competitively priced model, especially kind to modest school budgets. The Mini 2 takes a stack of paper and holds it in place while you apply padding glue to the spine of a stack of paper. Once the glue is dry, a process that typically takes about 10 minutes, the clamping mechanism on the padder is then released and the note pads may be removed. New stacks of paper can then be inserted and padded.

Office Zone also carries all of the padding press accessories you need to do a professional padding job. You can see all of our padding supplies, including glue, here.