Martin Yale 3800FC Form Cutter/Slitter/PerforatorQuestion

We are trying to find a machine to help us in our recycling efforts, by looking at your website I think you may have the machine for me. We want to take 8 ½ x 11 ” paper and run it through so it can be slit into strips for packaging – probably some place around ½”  to 1″ wide.

I am hoping that you have a machine that can slit that thin – if not let me know what the thinnest your machines can do. We would be looking at a lease to own option on the machine to make sure that what we really want to do is feasible for us.


Michael K.


You have a few different options that you may choose from. First of all, your choice depends quite a bit on how many sheets you need cut up per day. If you need to cut up large quantities, then there are industrial paper shredders able to create 1/2-inch wide strips:

If a 1/2-inch wide cut isn’t critical, and 1/4-inch is fine, you could go with a narrower strip cut paper shredder:

Or, you could use a form cutter such as the Martin Yale 3800FC. This is the slowest processing option, but you could set the machine to slit paper in either 1/2-inch or one-inch widths.