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Do Wooden Fire Extinguisher Cabinets Pass Fire Code?

Posted by: Morgan on September 29th, 2010

Wooden Fire Extinguisher CabinetsWe recently received a call from a customer who wanted to know if there were any fire code restrictions concerning wooden fire extinguisher cabinets. We consulted with Wooden Mallet, the manufacturer of the new wooden fire extinguisher cabinets, and they said that they have not yet experienced any codes restricting the use of wood fire extinguisher cabinets. Keep in mind, however, that all cities may impose their own local building and fire codes. Be sure to check with your local fire marshal if you are concerned about any possible restrictions.

Fire extinguishers provide a necessary safety use, but aren’t always the prettiest things to look at. Aluminum cases are ugly and often clash with existing furniture. The new Wooden Mallet FEC10 counters this problem. These new cabinets look great, fit in with existing furniture and still make fire extinguishers easy to access.

It would also be a good idea to consider the location where the wooden fire extinguisher cabinet will be mounted. Some areas, such as hallways, require cabinets that are recessed into the wall, whether they are made of wood or metal.


Need Office Paper Folder Machine for Packing Slips

Posted by: Morgan on September 27th, 2010

Dynafold DE-202 Paper Folding MachineQuestion

Good Day,

I noticed on your website you had a variety of Paper Folder Machines & I was curious if you could give a good recommendation of a Paper Folder Machine that would be best suited for an office use basically that is ideal for the use of Packing Slip Folding, our shipping dept needs to print anywhere from 50-100/day packing slips which need to be folded (letter fold) and I was curious which machine would be the best suited.


Sandy M.
Laval, Québec


We recommend the Dynafold DE-202 Paper Folding Machine. The DE-202 is an all-around, solid choice for most office paper folding needs. Now that we know your folding volume, the only question we have regards the weight of your packing slip paper. As long as the paper is at least 16 lb. in weight, you should be OK. And, by the way, you may be interested to know that the DE-202 paper folder automatically adjusts to various paper thicknesses.

Our customers tell us one of the reasons why they like the DE-202 is that it can hold up to 500 sheets of standard 20 pound paper at a time. The motor is rated at folding at an impressive rate of 6,000 sheets of paper per hour. The DE-202 is classified as a medium volume folder.


Questions About new Intelli-bind IB150 Comb Binding Machine

Posted by: Morgan on September 22nd, 2010

Intelli-bind IB150 Comb Binding MachineQuestion

I am interested in the Intelli-bind IB150 Comb Binding Machine (or something similar) and would like to know:

1. Approximately how many pages can be ‘punched’ before service is needed.
2. Approximately how many binders can be made before service is needed.
3. Can smaller ‘combs’ be used or is the machine limited to a certain size comb?

I plan on starting out with small booklets but want to be able to create larger booklets in the future. Thank you.

Stuart L.


To be quite frank with you, we don’t know yet! The Intelli-Bind IB150 Comb Binding Machine is a brand new entry in the comb binding machine arena. We simply haven’t had ample time to determine the durability of the IB150. However, we can assure you that the initial models we’ve tested are definitely quality binding machines, especially considering the modest investment required. We also know that you can use any available diameter plastic binding comb with this machine.

Most comb binding machines around $50 typically endure a couple of years of heavy use. With proper care and light use, you can stretch out the lifetime of the machine a couple years more. The bottom line is, you will definitely save money with your comb binding operations with the Intelli-Bind IB150. This is simply the lowest-priced binding machine in its class.

The compact IB150 comb binding machine is portable, lightweight and easy to use. You can punch a stack of paper and then bind it using the built-in comb opener/closer. The sturdy handle makes it easy to punch. The IB150 even has an adjustable margin depth guide, not typically found in machines in this price range.


What Shrink Wrap Machine is Best for Pineapple Pie Boxes?

Posted by: Morgan on September 20th, 2010

I-Bar/Straight Bar SS Shrink WrapperQuestion

In Hawaii, I wish to sell “Pineapple Pie” as a gift. The size of boxes is 8″x6″x2″. Which shrink wrap machine is the most economical and easy to use? What supplies do I need?

Sumio T.


If you do not anticipate high demand for your pineapple pies, at least initially, we recommend you start out with a smaller shrink wrap model. You should find Office Zone’s I-Bar/Straight Bar SS Shrink Wrapper and heat gun very useful for shrink wrapping pie boxes.

The SS Shrink Wrapper is competitively priced, and includes almost everything you need to professionally shrink wrap your product. We also recommend that you use Centerfold Polyolefin (Poly) Shrink Wrap Film. Poly shrink film is easy to work with and safe to use with food. Poly film is easily identified by its stretchy characteristics. It is ideal for shrink packaging food products.

After your business grows and you are ready to upgrade to a higher volume machine, be sure to give us a call. We would be happy to recommend a shrink wrap system that will best fit the needs of your booming business!


Looking for Machine to Shrink Wrap Food

Posted by: Morgan on September 15th, 2010

Galileo Shrink Wrap SystemQuestion

I am looking for a machine to wrap 7 1/4″ x 7 1/4″ x 2 1/8″ boxes. All materials used must be food safe.

Do you have anything that would be applicable?

Jaime S.


We do not know what kind of volume you need to produce in a day, but we’re secure in recommending the Minipack Galileo Shrink Wrap System. The Galileo has ample room to effectively cut and shrink film around your boxes. We also sell Polyolefin (Poly) shrink wrap film that may be used with this machine. Poly film is safe to use with all kinds of food and works quite well with the Galileo shrink wrap machine.

The Galileo offers some of the best features in a relatively small-sized, self-contained shrink system. Engineered with high-standards of operation, the Galileo handles the needs of both small and big business. The Galileo shrink wrapping system features the trusted Minipack-Torre design. This includes a distinctive upper hood that optimizes airflow performance. The unit is also constructed with energy conserving thermal insulation.

The Galileo Shrink wrapping machine combines cutting edge design, materials and technology. Under optimum conditions, this high-volume shrink wrap machine can wrap and seal an amazing 300 pieces an hour.


Interested in ProfiPack 425 Cardboard Shredder

Posted by: Morgan on September 13th, 2010

HSM ProfiPack 425 Cardboard ShredderQuestion

The waffle design interests me, rather than just loose shredded cardboard.  I want something good looking, functional and easy to handle for packing vitamins, and nutritional supplements.  Some of our packages weigh 5 to 10 lbs and the packing material must protect the contents.

Rich S.
Galveston, TX


Several of our customers have transformed their cardboard boxes into cost saving, quality, packaging material with the ProfiPack 425 cardboard shredder. They told us they were tired of wasting money on the disposal of old cardboard boxes and decided to make the wise investment in a cardboard shredder. You can not only recycle those boxes, but you can also protect valuable shipped goods without paying for expensive packaging material.

The ProfiPack 425 by HSM is also a relatively fast shredder, it can shred up to 39 feet of cardboard per minute. This model is easy to use with basic controls and sensors that prevent overheating. If you are interested, we can also ship you out a free shredded cardboard sample for examination.


Is There a Name for This Paper Fold? Cross, French and Right Angle Folds

Posted by: Morgan on September 10th, 2010

Cross Paper FoldQuestion

Looking for an economical way to accomplish folding 11×17 paper into a bifold (landscape, fold right edge to left edge, then fold that top sheet in half back to the right fold).  Can you help?  Is there a name for that type of fold?

Connie S.
Gainesville, FL


It sounds like you want to do a Cross Fold. Some office machine industry veterans also call this specialized paper fold a French Fold (we’re not sure how the French have anything to do with this) or a Right Angle Fold. Office Zone carries a few automatic paper folding machines with advanced features that will perform the fold. One model that we highly recommend is the MBM Model 207M Paper Folder.

The 207M comes complete with paper support guide wheels. The operators manual for the machine provides more information about these special wheels. What they essentially do is support the paper after it’s been folded the first time and is ready to run through the machine once more to complete the cross fold. It’s sometimes a tricky proposition folding a sheet of paper twice in a paper folding machine, but with the right set up and some practice it can be done.


Can you use old Plastic Combs With a new Binding Machine?

Posted by: Morgan on September 9th, 2010

Plastic Binding CombsQuestion

Our office is considering replacing our Akiles CombMac 24E binding machine.  We have plastic combs (they are the standard plastic combs from Office Max) from our old binding machine.  Would they fit this machine or would we need to order combs compatible with this machine?


Melinda B.
Kingston, NY


You can use your existing plastic binding combs on your binding machine. However, when you run out be sure to contact Office Zone. We have much lower prices on binding combs than Office Max and a larger selection. Our plastic comb binding supplies are not only inexpensive, they are easy to use and made from high-quality plastic.

Our binding combs are durable and re-useable. They were designed to take a beating without degrading or losing functionality. We have the largest selection online of binding combs, available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Our binding combs are in stock, in our own warehouse, and we can ship them out to you the same day you place your order.


Looking for Shredder to Make Pet Cage Bedding

Posted by: Morgan on September 8th, 2010

HSM 104.3 strip cut paper shredderQuestion

I am looking for a strip cut paper shredder for a school (special ed dept.) to shred paper to sell to a pet store for bedding please let me know what you have that might work for me, and prices.


Norm F.


We recommend the HSM 104.3 strip cut paper shredder. You may be surprised to learn that we have several other customers who use a strip cut shredder to make bedding for their pets. We’ve even sold cardboard shredders to make horse bedding.

The HSM 104.3 shredder has several user-friendly sensors and switches that make it one of the easiest shredders on the market to operate. A sensor located in the feed opening detects paper and turns the shredder on. The machine automatically shuts off after the paper is shredded and no longer present. A reverse function also helps eliminate paper jams.

Another useful sensor will let you know when the shredder is full. The 104.3 strip cut shredder has a removable waste container that holds nearly nine gallons of shredded paper. HSM is well known for their high quality paper shredders, and you won’t be disappointed in the 104.3 strip cut shredder. This particular model can shred up to 24 sheets of paper at a time, and is designed for continuous, high-volume operation.


What to Look for in Your Next Binding Machine

Posted by: Morgan on September 7th, 2010

Here are a few handy features you simply must insist on with your next binding machine. The first is adjustable margin depth. The margin depth adjuster lets you set how deep you want to punch the holes into a stack of paper. This is a convenient feature if you plan to punch and bind books of varying thicknesses. The rule of thumb here is the thicker the book, the deeper you should punch the margin holes. This prevents pages from easily ripping out of the binding element. However, if you do not intend to bind thicker books (100+ pages), this shouldn’t be a big concern.

Another binding machine feature you must insist on is disengaging (disengageable) punch dies. Disengaging dies are also sometimes called variable punching dies. This lets you determine what holes to (or not) punch. This is a useful function if you plan to bind documents of varying sizes. Adjustable punch dies help prevent annoying half-holes, which often happen when the punching die exceeds the length of the paper and merely punches part of it. However, if you plan to punch standard 8-½ x 11-inch paper on a consistent basis, this feature may not be absolutely necessary.

Be sure to check the Ask Ozone blog from time to time for more helpful binding machine tips and suggestions.