Plastic Binding CombsQuestion

Our office is considering replacing our Akiles CombMac 24E binding machine.  We have plastic combs (they are the standard plastic combs from Office Max) from our old binding machine.  Would they fit this machine or would we need to order combs compatible with this machine?


Melinda B.
Kingston, NY


You can use your existing plastic binding combs on your binding machine. However, when you run out be sure to contact Office Zone. We have much lower prices on binding combs than Office Max and a larger selection. Our plastic comb binding supplies are not only inexpensive, they are easy to use and made from high-quality plastic.

Our binding combs are durable and re-useable. They were designed to take a beating without degrading or losing functionality. We have the largest selection online of binding combs, available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Our binding combs are in stock, in our own warehouse, and we can ship them out to you the same day you place your order.