HSM ProfiPack 425 Cardboard ShredderQuestion

The waffle design interests me, rather than just loose shredded cardboard.  I want something good looking, functional and easy to handle for packing vitamins, and nutritional supplements.  Some of our packages weigh 5 to 10 lbs and the packing material must protect the contents.

Rich S.
Galveston, TX


Several of our customers have transformed their cardboard boxes into cost saving, quality, packaging material with the ProfiPack 425 cardboard shredder. They told us they were tired of wasting money on the disposal of old cardboard boxes and decided to make the wise investment in a cardboard shredder. You can not only recycle those boxes, but you can also protect valuable shipped goods without paying for expensive packaging material.

The ProfiPack 425 by HSM is also a relatively fast shredder, it can shred up to 39 feet of cardboard per minute. This model is easy to use with basic controls and sensors that prevent overheating. If you are interested, we can also ship you out a free shredded cardboard sample for examination.