Cross Paper FoldQuestion

Looking for an economical way to accomplish folding 11×17 paper into a bifold (landscape, fold right edge to left edge, then fold that top sheet in half back to the right fold).  Can you help?  Is there a name for that type of fold?

Connie S.
Gainesville, FL


It sounds like you want to do a Cross Fold. Some office machine industry veterans also call this specialized paper fold a French Fold (we’re not sure how the French have anything to do with this) or a Right Angle Fold. Office Zone carries a few automatic paper folding machines with advanced features that will perform the fold. One model that we highly recommend is the MBM Model 207M Paper Folder.

The 207M comes complete with paper support guide wheels. The operators manual for the machine provides more information about these special wheels. What they essentially do is support the paper after it’s been folded the first time and is ready to run through the machine once more to complete the cross fold. It’s sometimes a tricky proposition folding a sheet of paper twice in a paper folding machine, but with the right set up and some practice it can be done.