Galileo Shrink Wrap SystemQuestion

I am looking for a machine to wrap 7 1/4″ x 7 1/4″ x 2 1/8″ boxes. All materials used must be food safe.

Do you have anything that would be applicable?

Jaime S.


We do not know what kind of volume you need to produce in a day, but we’re secure in recommending the Minipack Galileo Shrink Wrap System. The Galileo has ample room to effectively cut and shrink film around your boxes. We also sell Polyolefin (Poly) shrink wrap film that may be used with this machine. Poly film is safe to use with all kinds of food and works quite well with the Galileo shrink wrap machine.

The Galileo offers some of the best features in a relatively small-sized, self-contained shrink system. Engineered with high-standards of operation, the Galileo handles the needs of both small and big business. The Galileo shrink wrapping system features the trusted Minipack-Torre design. This includes a distinctive upper hood that optimizes airflow performance. The unit is also constructed with energy conserving thermal insulation.

The Galileo Shrink wrapping machine combines cutting edge design, materials and technology. Under optimum conditions, this high-volume shrink wrap machine can wrap and seal an amazing 300 pieces an hour.