HSM 104.3 strip cut paper shredderQuestion

I am looking for a strip cut paper shredder for a school (special ed dept.) to shred paper to sell to a pet store for bedding please let me know what you have that might work for me, and prices.


Norm F.


We recommend the HSM 104.3 strip cut paper shredder. You may be surprised to learn that we have several other customers who use a strip cut shredder to make bedding for their pets. We’ve even sold cardboard shredders to make horse bedding.

The HSM 104.3 shredder has several user-friendly sensors and switches that make it one of the easiest shredders on the market to operate. A sensor located in the feed opening detects paper and turns the shredder on. The machine automatically shuts off after the paper is shredded and no longer present. A reverse function also helps eliminate paper jams.

Another useful sensor will let you know when the shredder is full. The 104.3 strip cut shredder has a removable waste container that holds nearly nine gallons of shredded paper. HSM is well known for their high quality paper shredders, and you won’t be disappointed in the 104.3 strip cut shredder. This particular model can shred up to 24 sheets of paper at a time, and is designed for continuous, high-volume operation.