Dynafold DE-202 Paper Folding MachineQuestion

Good Day,

I noticed on your website you had a variety of Paper Folder Machines & I was curious if you could give a good recommendation of a Paper Folder Machine that would be best suited for an office use basically that is ideal for the use of Packing Slip Folding, our shipping dept needs to print anywhere from 50-100/day packing slips which need to be folded (letter fold) and I was curious which machine would be the best suited.


Sandy M.
Laval, Qu├ębec


We recommend the Dynafold DE-202 Paper Folding Machine. The DE-202 is an all-around, solid choice for most office paper folding needs. Now that we know your folding volume, the only question we have regards the weight of your packing slip paper. As long as the paper is at least 16 lb. in weight, you should be OK. And, by the way, you may be interested to know that the DE-202 paper folder automatically adjusts to various paper thicknesses.

Our customers tell us one of the reasons why they like the DE-202 is that it can hold up to 500 sheets of standard 20 pound paper at a time. The motor is rated at folding at an impressive rate of 6,000 sheets of paper per hour. The DE-202 is classified as a medium volume folder.