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Can the Kobra 400 C2 Handle High-Volume Shredding?

Posted by: Morgan on September 3rd, 2010

Kobra 400 Cross Cut C2 ShredderQuestion

Good Morning:

We are preparing to replace our shredder here in the airport. We shred an extremely high volume of sensitive security materials are in need of a very heavy duty security shredder for our 24/7 – 365 operation. We are considering the Kobra Model 400 Cross Cut C2 Shredder. What do you recommend?

Sincerely Yours,

Jerry G.


If you are looking for a high-volume, high-security paper shredder, the Kobra model 400 is an excellent choice. This Level 4 security machine can certainly withstand the rigorous requirements of your organization. The Kobra 400 Cross Cut C2 has carbon-hardened steel gears and chain drive. This helps the shredder easily cut through paper (up to 29 sheets at a time), staples and paper clips. Unlike some other shredders in this class, the cutting head is completely unaffected by staples and paper clips. It will also shred ID cards and credit cards. A sensor detects paper and turns the machine on and off accordingly.

Kobra shredders also feature a liberal manufacturer’s warranty. The Kobra 400 Cross Cut C2 has a limited one-year warranty, with a five-year guarantee on the cutting heads. We have used Kobra shredders in our office for several years. We are consistently pleased with their performance and reliability.


Interested in Replacing old Folder Inserter With Formax FD 6100

Posted by: Morgan on September 2nd, 2010

Formax FD 6100 Folder InserterQuestion

We are interested in purchasing a new folder/inserter. We currently have an older model and I’m looking for something comparable but have been unable to find any information on our model online. I was looking at Formax Formax FD 6100 Folder Inserter and wondered if it was close to what we already own.

Dawn F.


Unfortunately, we are not at all familiar with the particular machine you provided. We did a little research online and found a few pictures of your model, but it appears to be a completely different design than the Formax FD 6100 Folder Inserter.

We’re unsure of how that particular machine compares with the Formax model. However, we can confidently assure you that the FD 6100 is a quality, well-built entry-level machine. This budget-friendly machine makes it possible for most small organizations or businesses realize the advantages of an automated paper folder/inserter.

With a folder inserter, your staff will no longer waste time and money by manually folding and stuffing office mailings. You can automate all of your mailings with the Formax FD 6100 paper folder/inserter and maximize your efficiency.

The FD 6100 features an easy-to-read control panel that guides the user through the setup and operation of the machine. It allows you to program up to nine folds for the most frequent folding/inserting tasks, saving you time and hassle. Sample envelopes must be sent in for testing on all Formax models to ensure you’re getting the right machine for the job.


Is the Stand Included with the GuilloMax – Plus Cutter?

Posted by: Morgan on September 1st, 2010

Tamerica GuilloMax - Plus Manual Paper CutterQuestion

I am looking at the GuilloMax – Plus paper cutter and would like to know if the stand and/or any replacement blades are included with purchase? I also need warranty information.

Thank you.

Gary S.


Yes, the stand is included with the GuilloMax – Plus. This is a nice feature since most cutters in its class do not come standard with a stand. The GuilloMax – Plus has a high-strength, long-lasting steel blade that will endure several years of heavy use (it does not include a replacement blade). The blade may be easily removed for sharpening and should last for several years.

The GuilloMax – Plus comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. This guillotine cutter can slice up to 800 sheets of paper at a time with the single pass of its strong blade. It also features a laser paper cutting guide for added precision.

Its wheel-driven paper holding clamp (very similar to a submarine hatch) keeps a stack of paper firmly in place, eliminating cutting errors. This is not only a precise cutter, but it is also very safe to use. If you need a precise stack cutter with high-end features, the Tamerica Guillomax stack cutter is definitely your best solution.