I-Bar/Straight Bar SS Shrink WrapperQuestion

In Hawaii, I wish to sell “Pineapple Pie” as a gift. The size of boxes is 8″x6″x2″. Which shrink wrap machine is the most economical and easy to use? What supplies do I need?

Sumio T.


If you do not anticipate high demand for your pineapple pies, at least initially, we recommend you start out with a smaller shrink wrap model. You should find Office Zone’s I-Bar/Straight Bar SS Shrink Wrapper and heat gun very useful for shrink wrapping pie boxes.

The SS Shrink Wrapper is competitively priced, and includes almost everything you need to professionally shrink wrap your product. We also recommend that you use Centerfold Polyolefin (Poly) Shrink Wrap Film. Poly shrink film is easy to work with and safe to use with food. Poly film is easily identified by its stretchy characteristics. It is ideal for shrink packaging food products.

After your business grows and you are ready to upgrade to a higher volume machine, be sure to give us a call. We would be happy to recommend a shrink wrap system that will best fit the needs of your booming business!