Here are a few handy features you simply must insist on with your next binding machine. The first is adjustable margin depth. The margin depth adjuster lets you set how deep you want to punch the holes into a stack of paper. This is a convenient feature if you plan to punch and bind books of varying thicknesses. The rule of thumb here is the thicker the book, the deeper you should punch the margin holes. This prevents pages from easily ripping out of the binding element. However, if you do not intend to bind thicker books (100+ pages), this shouldn’t be a big concern.

Another binding machine feature you must insist on is disengaging (disengageable) punch dies. Disengaging dies are also sometimes called variable punching dies. This lets you determine what holes to (or not) punch. This is a useful function if you plan to bind documents of varying sizes. Adjustable punch dies help prevent annoying half-holes, which often happen when the punching die exceeds the length of the paper and merely punches part of it. However, if you plan to punch standard 8-½ x 11-inch paper on a consistent basis, this feature may not be absolutely necessary.

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