AIE Straight-Bar Shrink WrapperQuestion


I’m exploring purchasing a shrink wrap machine for use in our shipping department.  Our product comes packaged in small round cardboard cylinders and the largest size is about 3” diameter by 3” height.  Would one of your smaller table top sized machines be compatible with this size and shape product?

Also – do you offer any biodegradable or vegetable based wrap?  Please let me know price comparison if you do.

Thank you,

Carol J.
Portland, OR


Yes, we recommend the AIE Straight-Bar Shrink Wrapper for your particular application. This I-Bar shrink wrap system is an industrial-grade professional shrink wrap machine that will inexpensively and effectively package products such as yours.

It’s simple to use and there’s virtually no warm-up required. Just insert your container into the shrink film, cut the film to size with the I-Bar, and form the film around the box with the heat gun. It’s as simple as that! The end result is a professional looking package.

Sorry, we do not offer biodegradable or vegetable-based shrink wrap film. We carry both standard grade PVC and Poly films.