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Can Your Currency Counter Detect Superbills?

Posted by: Morgan on November 30th, 2010

Cassida 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector and ScannerNo currency counter with ultraviolet/magnetic (UV/MG) detection features, even models that cost more than $1,000, can identify elaborate counterfeit notes. For example: The Cassida 5520 UV/MG Currency Counter does have basic counterfeit detection capabilities. However, washed counterfeit bills (a bleached $5 bill, reprinted as $100) are difficult for this machine and other similar competing models to detect.

Cassida’s model 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector and Scanner can identify these types of counterfeit attempts. In a recent test by Cassida, their model 3300 was able to identify 100% of counterfeits in the possession of the US Secret Service office in Portland.

This particular model is extremely reliable and can detect any bleached counterfeits or superbills. Superbills are high-quality counterfeit US $100 notes. Some have estimated that 1 in 10,000 bills is a supernote counterfeit. The Cassida model 3300 uses infrared detection — the most advanced and reliable security protection of US bills — to detect supernotes.

At Office Zone we recommend a counterfeit money detector for authenticating currency and buying a separate currency counter for counting purposes. Also, if you count more than 100 bills at a time, a top-loading currency counter is a lot easier to use (the Cassida 6600 series currency counter is a good example). Top-loading bill counters take in a lot more a bills at a time, are easier to load and the operator can add more bills while the machine is counting.


What is Foil Fusing?

Posted by: Morgan on November 29th, 2010

Model 1200 foil fuserQuestion

What is foilfusing? Give me more information.

Rajesh  M.


First, it’s helpful to differentiate a foil fuser from a foil stamping machine. A foil stamper is basically a machine that embeds lettering, numbers or symbols onto an item with a pressure and heat transfer process. The unit heats up lead type that then presses against colored metallic/foil film and embeds the lettering onto an object. A popular example would be a Bible with a stamped personal name.

A foil fuser, on the other hand, fuses the metallic foil film to the toner on a laser-printed document. This works only with a sheet of paper printed from a toner laser printer. The process will not work with ink jet printers. You can print out lettering, custom logos and more right from your desktop computer printer, and then run it through a foil fusing machine. The end result is similar to the work of a hot foil stamper. The process and can be accomplished by just about anyone. The Model 1200 foil fuser is well-constructed and will last for years to come.


The Binding Machine That Just Won’t Die

Posted by: Morgan on November 24th, 2010

Comb Binding MachineWhy are comb binding machines the binding format that won’t die? It seems the so-called industry experts incorrectly predicted the demise of the comb binder. Although not as popular as coil binding is these days, comb binding is still doing well. This document binding method is one of the most popular formats of binding equipment used today.

Why? For one reason, you can quickly bind hundreds of sheets of paper with a comb binding machine. In fact, you can bind up to 425 sheets of paper with a two-inch plastic binding comb spine. The plastic 19-ring combs are re-usable and sturdy. You can quickly add or remove pages with the pull of the machine’s comb opening lever. These are some of the many reasons why so many of our customers choose this binding format.

Plastic binding combs are ideal for binding various documents, reports, booklets, and organizing other materials. Office Zone sells low-volume, medium-volume and high-volume comb binding machines, supplies, equipment and accessories. We also offer a wide variety of plastic comb binding supplies for you to choose from.


Help me Find Binding Machine for Banker Pitch Books

Posted by: Morgan on November 23rd, 2010

Intelli-Bind I3CB Wire Binding MachineQuestion


Please help me find an electronic binding machine that will meet these qualifications:

We typically do 20 pages, about 5 books. We have 3 bankers and they use pitchbooks for about 3-5 customer/prospects a month. Hope that helps!

Jill S.

Akron, OH


If you need a binding machine with electric punch, we recommend the new Intelli-Zone Intelli-Bind I3CB wire binding machine. Wire binding looks professional and is desired by the majority of our customers who want to create an impactful marketing proposal or presentation.

The Intelli-Bind I3CB Wire is a well-built, durable multi-format binding machine. It is capable of binding documents in 3:1 pitch wire, 19-ring Spiral-O wire and 19-ring comb. The machine comes fully equipped with two electric punching dies, manual wire closer and manual comb opener. This Intelli-Bind I3CB Wire is made from metal construction was engineered for daily use. A convenient foot pedal makes it possible for hands-free punch operation.


Need a Business Card Cutter that Does Full Bleeds?

Posted by: Morgan on November 22nd, 2010

Martin Yale GC210 business card cutterHave you ever heard someone talk about business cards with full bleeds? Office Zone has a business card cutter that will cut cards with full bleeds. First of all, a bleed is basically a printing industry term referring to printing that goes beyond the edge of a sheet of paper. Most personal computer printers are limited and cannot print a sheet beyond set borders. However, you can still create full bleeds after the paper is printed and then trimmed to ensure the ink runs fully to the edge and does not stop short.

The highly versatile Martin Yale GC210 business card cutter can quickly cut an 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of paper down to 10 individual business cards in just a matter of seconds. This gutter-style cut business card cutter can cut bleed style or regular style business cards.

The cutter’s blades are made from high-quality, self-sharpening hardened steel. That means you won’t have to worry about dull blades for a long line. These blades are capable of cutting through thick material including 100 lb. linen stock. The ample feed tray can hold up to a 5/8-inch stack of paper. Martin Yale also provides a CD (with popular software files such as MS Word) with several easy-to-follow business card templates.

(Source: Wikipedia: Bleed Printing)


A Shredder That Won’t Quit on You

Posted by: Morgan on November 19th, 2010

HSM model 80.2 cross cut shredderQuestion

Looking for shredder that won’t quit on us for not too much money.

Nicole C.


You say you’re looking for a paper shredder that won’t quit on you? You need an HSM shredder! And I’m not making that recommendation lightly. At Office Zone we have used HSM shredders for several years. It’s amazing how durable and powerful these machines really are. We sell several HSM models to customers who are frustrated with the cheap, low-volume shredder models they previously purchased from one of the big box retailers. Those shredders certainly have their place, especially in a small home office environment where shredding needs are typically low, but they do not perform very well in a common business office.

We would need to ask you a few more questions about what you want to shred, shred volume and the budget you must work within. However, the HSM model 80.2 cross cut shredder comes highly recommended. This machine has specially hardened solid-steel cutters. That means it’s unaffected by staples and even standard paper clips. It won’t quit even if you pass these metal objects through the cutting heads.


Will The Dahle 10560 Fold Three Pages at a Time?

Posted by: Morgan on November 18th, 2010

Model 10560 Dahle Letter FolderQuestion


I just wanted to make sure I understood this right. This machine [Model 10560 Dahle Letter Folder] will fold up to 3 pages at a time, but will it allow me to put the three pages in the tray then fold it, and then start the process again. I typically grab all three pages then fold. Will this allow this kind of function?

I have never bought a folding machine before. It is for small personal use for my monthly mailer.

Thanks and feel free to call if that works too!

Nathan F.


The Dahle model 10560 letter folder will indeed let you fold three pages at a time. It is unique in that it is an economically priced paper folding machine and features a bypass that lets you fold multiple pages at one time. This is accomplished with the manual fold bypass slot located at the top of the unit. You simply set the folding plates to your desired type of fold, turn on the machine and then insert your paper. After the folded pages are complete you can move on to the next three pages. It’s as easy as that.

This popular paper folder has two folding plates that create a wide variety of folds including single, letter, accordion and more. The model 10560 is ideal for use in a small home business, church office or other similar settings. The motor is rated at a speed of 4,000 documents per hour, but it is recommended to only fold a few hundred documents a day to ensure maximum longevity of the machine.


Can the Intelli-Bind IB200 Punch Smaller Paper?

Posted by: Morgan on November 15th, 2010

Intelli-Bind IB400 comb binderQuestion


I have some projects with a shorter spine than a typical office job of 11″-14″. Can this model [Intelli-Bind IB200] machine be operated for shorter spine lengths of, say 6-8″?

Thank you.

Anna C.


No. You will need the Intelli-Bind IB400 comb binder. The reason being, the IB200 does not have disengageable dies. These are required whenever you need to punch paper that is less than the standard 11 inches in length. If you try to punch paper with a machine that does not have punch pins that may be disengaged, the end result is a document with half-punched ends.  Fortunately, the binding machine upgrade does not come with a significant increase in price.

The Intelli-Bind IB400 is one of the most feature-rich comb binding machines available in the market today. Not only does it punch up to 13 sheets of 20-pound paper, it has fully selectable punching pins. You can easily disengage any punching die to punch smaller-sized papers. This is ideal for custom document and book binding projects. The IB400 is a well- rounded comb binding machine that may be used for medium-volume binding jobs.

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Dynafold Automatic Paper Folders Now Intelli-Fold™

Posted by: Morgan on November 12th, 2010

Intelli-Fold™ DE 202AFOffice Zone today announced the official transition with the paper folding machine line from Dynafold. The entire product line is now officially labeled Intelli-Fold™ by Intelli-Zone™.

The Dynafold DE 102AF automatic paper folder, for example, is now sold as the Intelli-Fold™ DE 102AF. The Dynafold DE 202 AF is now called the Intelli-Fold™ DE 202AF, and so on with the entire product line. The transition is as simple as that.

Intelli-Fold™ machines are made in the same manufacturing facility as the former Dynafold. The product features, performance ratings, specifications and quality are the same as well. The parts are interchangeable between both brands and can be serviced by Office Zone’s full-time service technicians.

For 15 years Office Zone has sold a significant amount of paper folding machines with the Dynafold label. We plan to continue to proceed by selling the same quality machines but with the new Intelli-Fold™ name.

When considering the dollar value, the Intelli-Fold™ paper folder line is one of the best reliable and quality constructed machines available today. Intelli-Fold™ paper folders are commonly found in businesses, schools, churches, government agencies and other similar work environments where paper folding is a critical part of the organization’s operation.


Can the Cassida Tiger Currency Counter Count CD Inserts?

Posted by: Morgan on November 9th, 2010

Cassida Tiger Currency CounterQuestion

Can paper CD inserts be run through the Tiger Currency Counter from Cassida? We are looking for an inexpensive counter for CD inserts. The paper counters you have are out of our price range. Please let me know as soon as possible.


Jenny B.


Unfortunately, no. Our bill counters are designed to count U.S. currency. We do have a few customers who use a currency counter to tally printed paper items such as tickets, coupons, bookmarks, buck slips, even ribbons. The challenge with counting your CD inserts is essentially size limitations. Your inserts are simply too big for a bill counter machine to process.

You should use one of our paper counters for this task. Paper counters are used to quickly and precisely count large volumes of paper, such as your CD inserts, in seconds. Many of our customers, including copy shops, print shops, voting districts, and other organizations, find a paper counter best suited for most counting jobs. Paper counters simply provide government organizations, businesses and others a highly accurate way to keep inventory of the amount of paper being used.