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Need Adjustable Wire Binding Closing Machine

Posted by: Morgan on January 31st, 2011

WBM-532 Modular Wire CloserQuestion


I am looking for a manual wire closing machine. I am having a bit of difficulty finding the right product and I was hoping you could give me a recommendation on any of your products. I need one that is adjustable to the wire coils and is just a wire closer. If you need anymore information from me please let me know. I would truly appreciate you assistance in the matter. Thank you.

Katie C.


We recommend you choose the Akiles WBM-532 Wire Closer. This is a heavy-duty model designed to be used on a frequent basis. The WBM-532 features an open-ended wire closer tray capable of closing wire up to 14 inches in length.

The all-metal construction of the WBM-532 means this durable wire closing unit will last you for several years. The machine is easy to set up and includes handy features such as a diameter size selector and wire holder. The WBM-532 may be used with both 2:1 and 3:1 pitch binding wire.


Looking for Booklet Maker for Thick Booklet

Posted by: Morgan on January 28th, 2011

Sprint 3000 Booklet MakerQuestion

I am looking for a booklet maker that can fold and saddle stitch a 48 page booklet with Digital Gloss Coated 80 lb Cover Stock for the outside cover and  Digital Gloss Coated 100 lb Text for the inside pages. Thanks.

David  B.


First of all, we need to know the actual thickness of your booklet. Is it 48 total sheets of paper thick, or are there 48 numbered/printed pages? This makes a big difference. If your booklet really is 48 pages thick, we unfortunately do not carry a booklet maker that will handle your rather thick booklet. The only model that comes remotely close to your requirements is the Sprint 3000 Booklet Maker from MBM. It will process up to 25 sheets at a time.

Then there’s the issue with the glossy paper. If you are using slick paper, your best option would be to initially fold the pages with an automatic air-feed paper folding machine. You could then possibly use a saddle stapling machine to finish the job. The model Skrebba W115 Lever Action Flat and Saddle Stapler will staple through 50 sheets of 20 lb. paper at a time.


Shrink Wrapping Liquor Bottles Together

Posted by: Morgan on January 27th, 2011

Minipack FM Digit 77 Shrink Wrap MachineQuestion

Dear Sales,

I am looking for shrink wrapping equipment and or supplies which would allow me to shrink wrap 5 packs and 10 packs of 50 ml PET Liquor Bottles together.

Please let me know if you can provide me with all the necessary equipment
and or supplies and a cost breakdown of everything.

Please take a look at what I wish to shrink wrap.


Hugh L.


After examining your product photos, we recommend the Minipack FM Digit 77 Shrink Wrap Machine. It includes a heat shrink tunnel built right into the machine. It also has a large sealing area that may be used to shrink wrap a wide variety of products, including your liquor bottles. We also recommend you use 100 gauge Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Film. It will be strong enough to safely hold your bottles together. You can find current pricing for the FM Digit 77 and shrink film on our site.

Minipacks’s FM Digit 77 is one of the most versatile shrink wrap machines available on the market today. It includes many high-end features, but at a fraction the cost of other comparable models. The Minipack FM Digit 77 may be programmed for various shrink wrapping jobs. You simply pull down the sealing chamber arm, lock it into place magnetically, and let the FM Digit 77 do the rest.


Can the AJ-700 Paper Jogger jog only Five Pages?

Posted by: Morgan on January 26th, 2011

AJ-700 Paper JoggerQuestion


We are looking for a paper jogger that will handle anywhere from 5 pages up to 250 or more pages (8.5”x11” or 8.5”x14”). Is the AJ-700 Paper Jogger capable of handling as little as 5 pages? If not, could you recommend one that would be able to handle a small number of pages?

Thank you for your information.

Robin M.


You need to jog only five sheets at a time? We were intrigued by your unusual request and conducted an informal paper jogger test here at Office Zone. The AJ-700 Paper Jogger is a highly versatile machine that can jog only five pieces of paper at a time. It will also jog 250 pages within the measurements you stated. We recommend you turn off the air feature on this particular machine when jogging only five pages.

You can jog and organize large stacks of paper in merely seconds with the AJ-700 paper jogger. This versatile paper jogger produced by MBM is both reliable and fast. The unit not only provides the traditional jogging method with its shaking motion, but has a forced air feature to help reduce jogging time. The air flow helps prevent papers from sticking to each other with static electricity. This ultimately helps prevent paper jams and other issues when printing, collating or automatically folding paper.


Interested in Shrinkwrap System for Photo Prints

Posted by: Morgan on January 25th, 2011

Centerfold Polyolefin Shrink Wrap FilmQuestion

I am extremely interested in shrinkwrap systems. I will be wrapping photo prints that are 13” to 23” high and up to 42” in width with a paper weight of 190 gsm to 255 gsm. I will also be doing greeting cards as singles and in sets of five.

What systems, films and replacement kits would you recommend?

Thank you for taking the time to send us this information.

Zygmund Z.


Most of our customers who want to shrink wrap photographs choose the Deluxe Super Sealer Shrink Wrap System. This model comes with a heat gun. The Super Sealer should be able to handle most of your large photographs. The SS-40DS 40-inch version is your best option. You can use a 36-inch long roll of shrink wrap film with the SS-40DS. Office Zone does not offer shrink rolls any wider than this.

The Deluxe Super Sealer is an easy-to-use shrink wrap machine. You simply slide your photos, or other items, into the folded shrink wrap film and then pull down the electronic sealing arm to cut to size. Then, you use the heat gun to form the film tight around your photo prints. The SS-40DS comes with a maintenance kit with an additional heating element, Teflon tapes for the heating element, and one Teflon tape for the sealing pads. There’s also a small starter roll of film included.

As far as the type of shrink film we recommend, Centerfold Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Film is your best choice. It is safe to use with photographs, durable, and produces little odor when cut. You can even use it with food. Polyolefin shrink film is a popular choice with our customer and is easily identified by its stretchy properties.


Looking for Precise Rotary Paper Cutter

Posted by: Morgan on January 24th, 2011

Akiles Roll@Blade 1815 18-inch Rotary Paper CutterQuestion

I’m looking for a very precise rotary cutter for home use. I’m interested in the Akiles 1815, but I can’t find any info about the manufacturer, or the price of replacement blades. I’d want to be sure the product will still be made for a few years! Is this cutter my best bet?

Deb V.


The Akiles Roll@Blade 1815 18-inch Rotary Paper Cutter is a good choice … especially if you need to perform precise cuts. The manufacturer, Akiles, is a well-known brand in the office equipment industry. They have built a solid reputation by creating some of the most durable and dependable document binding machines available. Paper cutters are a relatively new entry for this company. However, from our testing we have found the Akiles model cutters to be just as accurate (if not better) than most competing brands.

The model 1815 rotary paper cutter is a high-precision paper trimmer. It features an ergonomic blade carriage and a tungsten steel alloy blade. Its two sliding poles deliver exceptional stability and cutting accuracy. Replacement blades are available for this model. The Roll-@-Blade also features a transparent clamping bar for added visibility and stability when cutting.


Film Shrink Wrapping Multiple Magazines

Posted by: Morgan on January 20th, 2011

Minipack Continua Automatic Mail BaggerQuestion

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our immediate requirements are for equipment able to shrink wrap 160,000 items per month, with a typical inserts thickness of less than 8 mm (Magazines up to 4/wrap). The film/shrink-wrapping should be done over a maximum period of 3 days, as this will be in line with the printing process and eventual delivery. Potentially there will be more than one magazine/leaflet in it of various sizes, but the typical maximum size will be the American A4 size (around 275mm x 215 mm).

Another potential job involves 140 K items shrink wrapped, 4 times a year. Moreover, another client of ours is asking whether we can put in any ‘freebies’ together with the magazines. Typically these would be of various sizes ranging from samples such as coffee sachets to other small items.

Kindly indicate what equipment you deem adequate for our needs.

We are considering buying multiple machines instead of a single large one.

Thanks in advance.


Pierre M.


The Minipack Continua Automatic Mail Bagger is the best machine for your needs. It will handle your high volume requirements, and poly bag your publications within the dimensions you specified. This is a high-production, high-end machine that can tackle almost any mail bagging job. The best way to describe its performance is to have you watch this video demonstration of the Continua Automatic Mail Bagger.


Interested in Intell-Bind IB200 Comb Binding Machine

Posted by: Morgan on January 20th, 2011

Intelli-Bind™ IB300 Comb Binding MachineQuestion

To whom it may concern-

I am interested in purchasing the Intelli-Bind IB200 to bind books for the children in my classroom.  Would this be a good product to bind around 100 books a year/ 35 pages per book? I want something that will last a while and be durable and dependable enough to have around for at least a few years.  Will I be able to return and get a refund for the product if it is not up to the specifications and product details your company provides? If you think there is a better model for less than $100, please let me know.  Otherwise, I will stick with the Intelli-Bind IB200.  Thank you so much for your time.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Elizabeth Y.


The Intelli-Bind IB200 Comb Binding Machine is certainly a good little machine, but we recommend a model that’s better suited to your needs. The Intelli-Bind IB300 Comb Binding Machine is priced a shade over $100, but will handle the volume of work you plan to do. It also has a higher punch capacity that will help you get the job done in a shorter amount of time. We have found the Intelli-Bind comb binding machines to be quite popular with school teachers. They like the affordability and versatility that comb binding provides.

If you have any concerns about the quality of the machine, all Intelli-Zone products come with a one-year warranty. We have tested Intelli-Zone binding machines for the last two years and they perform just as good, if not better, than most machines in their price range.


Is the Triumph 5550-EP Paper Cutter Professional Grade?

Posted by: Morgan on January 20th, 2011

MBM Triumph 5550-EP Hydraulic Stack CutterQuestion


What is the availability and the price of the 5550-EP Programmable Hydraulic Cutter. We would like to be able to cut paper of a professional grade. We need to able to cut at least heavy stock 11”x 17” and regular paper is this possible on this particular machine?

Thank you,

Alexis J.


The MBM Triumph 5550-EP programmable automatic paper cutter is in stock and ready to ship. The cost is just under $13,000. The 5550-EP is a professional-grade cutter. It can perform up to 26 cuts per minute, and easily slice through stacks of paper up to 3-5/8″ in thickness. It will handle your 11″ x 17″ heavy stock paper and more.

The 5550-EP programmable cutter features a wide variety of adjustments for exact positioning of papers that need to be cut. Its hydraulic clamping pressure mechanism is adjustable to ensure consistent pressure along the edge of the paper stack to be cut. This machine features a foot pedal for pre-pressing and a handy cutting line indicator.


Can you Adjust Hole Punching on GBC C340 Precision Punch Bind Machine?

Posted by: Morgan on January 19th, 2011

Tahsin 213-PB Plus 3 Manual Punch Bind MachineQuestion


I want to ask you if the “GBC C340 Precision Punch And Bind Machine” the punching method is Manual?
Can I change the punching method of this machine? I want 20 holes in stead of 21.

I hope I get an answer soon!




Yes, the punching method for that machine is manual. However, you cannot change the number of holes punched with GBC C340. We recommend the Tahsin 213-PB Plus 3 Manual Punch Bind Machine. It does not punch as many sheets at a time, but the 213-PB Plus 3 will let you manually adjust the number of holes you want to punch.

You can also bind with either double loop wire or plastic comb with this 2-in-1 combination binding machine. The binding punch has 21 disengaging punching dies and can handle up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. This model has a added bonus feature with its 3-hole paper punch. The Tahsin 213-PB can handle plastic comb binding of up to two inches in size (425 sheets of standard 20 pound paper).