Tahsin 213-PB Plus 3 Manual Punch Bind MachineQuestion


I want to ask you if the “GBC C340 Precision Punch And Bind Machine” the punching method is Manual?
Can I change the punching method of this machine? I want 20 holes in stead of 21.

I hope I get an answer soon!




Yes, the punching method for that machine is manual. However, you cannot change the number of holes punched with GBC C340. We recommend the Tahsin 213-PB Plus 3 Manual Punch Bind Machine. It does not punch as many sheets at a time, but the 213-PB Plus 3 will let you manually adjust the number of holes you want to punch.

You can also bind with either double loop wire or plastic comb with this 2-in-1 combination binding machine. The binding punch has 21 disengaging punching dies and can handle up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. This model has a added bonus feature with its 3-hole paper punch. The Tahsin 213-PB can handle plastic comb binding of up to two inches in size (425 sheets of standard 20 pound paper).

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