Minipack Continua Automatic Mail BaggerQuestion

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our immediate requirements are for equipment able to shrink wrap 160,000 items per month, with a typical inserts thickness of less than 8 mm (Magazines up to 4/wrap). The film/shrink-wrapping should be done over a maximum period of 3 days, as this will be in line with the printing process and eventual delivery. Potentially there will be more than one magazine/leaflet in it of various sizes, but the typical maximum size will be the American A4 size (around 275mm x 215 mm).

Another potential job involves 140 K items shrink wrapped, 4 times a year. Moreover, another client of ours is asking whether we can put in any ‘freebies’ together with the magazines. Typically these would be of various sizes ranging from samples such as coffee sachets to other small items.

Kindly indicate what equipment you deem adequate for our needs.

We are considering buying multiple machines instead of a single large one.

Thanks in advance.


Pierre M.


The Minipack Continua Automatic Mail Bagger is the best machine for your needs. It will handle your high volume requirements, and poly bag your publications within the dimensions you specified. This is a high-production, high-end machine that can tackle almost any mail bagging job. The best way to describe its performance is to have you watch this video demonstration of the Continua Automatic Mail Bagger.

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