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What’s the Best Envelope Stuffing Machine?

Posted by: Morgan on February 25th, 2011

Envelope Stuffing MachineThis is a question often asked of our customer service team. The answer will vary depending on your envelope stuffing needs, of course. The envelope stuffing machine model we frequently recommend is the FD 6100 Folder Inserter by Formax.

This machine is a good option for most of our customers since the FD 6100 is affordable for most offices, and it does a terrific job. The FD 6100 will fold and stuff documents into an envelope in very little time. The FD 6100 envelope and letter inserter will quickly fold and insert paper into business flap style envelopes and seal them shut. It’s as simple as that.

There are some higher-end envelope stuffing machines that can fold and insert several sheets of paper at a time. Some can even include a coupon, business reply envelopes, buck slip, you name it. However, if you want to save yourself thousands of dollars in equipment and significant manual labor, be sure to ask Office Zone for more details about the FD 6100 Folder Inserter.


Need to Cut Sheets of Paper Accurately

Posted by: Morgan on February 24th, 2011

Rotatrim Professional Rotary Paper CutterQuestion


I’ve purchased a paper folder from you guys and I’m really happy with it – Thank you!

I also need a new binding machine ( something I can recreate spiral notebooks with) and a good paper cutter.  I would use the cutter for accurate sizing down of printing I do.  In other words, I would need to be able to cut a few sheets of paper at a time very accurately.

Please help me find out some options!



Glad to hear the good news about your paper folding machine! We highly recommend the Akiles CoilMac-ECI Manual Spiral Binding Machine With Coil Inserter. This particular model is a big favorite with our customers. They prefer the CoilMac-ECI because it’s a durable binding machine that simply gets the job done. You can easily punch through a relatively thick stack of paper with it, and then quickly insert the binding coil with the unit’s electric coil inserter.

We also recommend any Rotatrim Professional Rotary Paper Cutter model. What else can be said about the quality of Rotatrim cutters? Their construction and cutting quality are unsurpassed. We actually did a tolerance test a couple of days ago with a Rotatrim paper trimmer. It easily sliced through a wide variety of materials from tissue paper, cork board and then plastic magnetic pads. The most impressive thing about a Rotatrim cutter is that no matter the weight of the material, the blade stays sharp and you still get an accurate cut with every pass.


Looking for Stack Paper Cutter Under $800

Posted by: Morgan on February 22nd, 2011

Tamerica GuilloMax Plus Manual Paper CutterQuestion

I would like a recommendation for a manual stack cutter under $800. I am in the stationery business and currently own a QCM 8200, which I am unhappy with.

I need to know which of your cutters is the most precise, as I am a perfectionist. I need STRAIGHT cuts to exact measurement. Would prefer a self sharpening blade if possible. I need it to cut 100# cardstock 20-50 sheets at a time.

I also would like it to be easy to use.

Wondering if the GBC ClassicCut Guillotine Paper Trimmer CL800pro fulfills my requirements?

Thank you for your time.

The problem I had with the QCM is that it is not a perfect square. I had to align the backstop ruler manually and the side gauge is totally useless since it is not a perfect square when screwed in. Also the cuts are about 1/8\” off if you go by the ruler guides.

Yesenia A.


Unfortunately you will not find a stack paper cutter under $800 that will meet all of your stated cutting requirements. One simply does not exist. However, for a slightly higher investment we recommend the Tamerica GuilloMax Plus Manual Paper Cutter. This is a precise stack cutter with several high-end features.

The Guillomax stack cutter is a guillotine-style cutter capable of slicing 800 sheets of paper in half with a single stroke of the blade. The GuilloMax Plus is easy to set up and operate. It also has a laser guide for added cutting precision. Its wheel-driven paper clamp holds a stack of paper firmly in place, thus eliminating most cutting slips and errors.


Looking for Paper Folder/Inserter to Stuff Invoices

Posted by: Morgan on February 21st, 2011

Formax FD 6202 Series Paper Folder InserterQuestion

I am looking for a machine to stuff envelopes with invoices – but some invoices are 2 pages, some are 3. Can the machine tell the difference to know when to stuff the next window envelope?


Betty W.


You could possibly do this with the Formax FD 6202 Series Paper Folder Inserter. However, you must initially sort your invoices into two separate piles: one stack with two-page invoices and the other with three-page invoices. The FD 6202 cannot process a stack of mixed invoices. We are unaware of any paper folder/inserter that can automatically detect, pull, fold and stuff a mixed stack of invoices such as yours.

The Formax FD 6202 has a unique folding system can fold and insert up to five sheets at a time. This model has the intelligence and durability of a much larger, more expensive unit. The FD 6202 is still relatively easy to use and ideal for most office jobs.

The FD 6202 has a unique setting feature that lets the user create new folding and inserting jobs with a single touch of a button. It automatically measures paper lengths, envelope sizes and paper fold lengths. You may even program your most frequent folds so they are available without manually setting up the machine for each job.


Can the SircleBind WR-200 Create 1,000 Documents?

Posted by: Morgan on February 18th, 2011

SircleBind WR-200 Manual Wire Book Binding MachineQuestion

I’m interested in the Sirclebind WR-200 manual wire binding machine. Can you tell me the volume this machine is designed for. We expect to have approx. 500-1000 binders to create short-term and then minimal volume afterwards. Is this machine ok for that kind of volume?


Marvin D.


The SircleBind WR-200 Manual Wire Book Binding Machine will handle the volume that you anticipate. The SircleBind is a medium-grade machine when comparing its features, performance and durability to other models. It’s a rather easy-to-use wire binder. It will punch up to 20 lb. sheets at a time, and that amount of paper equals high production numbers.

The WR-200 is ergonomically designed to accommodate almost anyone. It features a unique U-shaped handle that may be used by both right- and left-handed people. The WR-200 is actually a combination wire binder that will punch documents for both 2:1 and 3:1 pitch wire binding elements.


Looking for Paper Cutter With Finger Guard

Posted by: Morgan on February 17th, 2011

MBM Kutrimmer 1071 Heavy-Duty Arm TrimmerQuestion

I am looking to buy a paper cutter 24” with guards for fingers. (OSHA approved a plus) what would be your recommendations?

I was looking at this model:

Dahle Model 124 Guillotine Paper Cutter & Trimmer

Will this be a good option?

Jacklyn G.


The Dahle 124 Paper Trimmer is definitely a good machine. In the right hands, it performs accurate and relatively safe cuts. However, if safety is a big concern we highly recommend the MBM Kutrimmer 1071 Heavy-Duty Arm Trimmer by Ideal.

The model paper cutter 1071 has a hard-to-miss safety cover that keeps the blade covered and protected at all times. This ensures personal injury to the user is a non-issue. We like the MBM Kutrimmer 1071 because you can cut up to 40 sheets of paper (up to 28 ½-inches long) at a time. And, it has a convenient built-in hand clamp that keeps constant pressure on the stack of paper, ensuring a straight line with every cut.


Looking for Shredder With Continuous Motor

Posted by: Morgan on February 15th, 2011

Destroyit 4002 Heavy-Duty Paper ShredderQuestion

Good morning.  I recently visited your website and would like to request more information on a few paper shredders we are interested in.  From the model numbers listed below, I need to know if these are all continuous motor paper shredders and if they are jam free.  We are a large department that needs a machine that can handle continuous shredding.  Please let me know which one you recommend, or if there are other models you think would be better for our needs.  Also, we are on a restricted budget and hope to stay within the $500.00 – $600.00 range.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • HSM 104.3
  • HSM 105.3
  • HSM 104.3 Cross Cut
  • HSM 105.3 Cross Cut
  • Rexel 1050 S2


Gayla L.


Those are all excellent shredders, but the least-expensive model Office Zone sells that qualifies as a continuous-operation shredder is the Destroyit 4002 Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder. The Destroyit 4002 shredder has a powerful motor that will run all day, and offers features typically only seen in higher-end models.

There are several obvious reasons why a shredder with a continuous motor makes sense for an office. The elimination of downtime is the greatest benefit. That means you do not have to wait for the machine to cool down before you can resume operation. The shredder head on the Destroyit 4002 is capable of chewing through both staples and paper clips. It stops automatically when the shredder jams and immediately backs the paper out.


My Company is Looking for a Check Signer

Posted by: Morgan on February 11th, 2011

FD 150 Cut Sheet Check/Document SignerQuestion

My company is looking into purchasing a check signer and I was wondering if you might be able to provide me with more information on this product?  We process approximately 150 checks a week and are looking for a check signer that can process that without having to manually put the check into the machine for each check (like the Model S-3 & SX-3).  If you can provide me with information on how these work I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you

Betsy B.


We recommend the model FD 150 Cut Sheet Check/Document Signer by Formax. You can quickly process up to 200 checks in just one batch with the FD 150. This is a fully automatic model. That means you can place your stack of checks in the hopper, program the unit where to place the signature, press start and let the machine do the rest.

The FD 150 has several user-friendly features that streamline your check signing duties. Its automatic alignment feature assures accurate imprint locations. The machine can do a wide variety of imprinting including signatures, endorsements, seals and logos. The FD 150 imprints anywhere you tell it to. The unit has a bottom feed design that assures continuous operation and proper sequencing of documents.


Need Info. on Banner American 1200 Foil Fusing Machine

Posted by: Morgan on February 10th, 2011

Banner American 1200 Foil Fusing MachineQuestion


I need information about this product, Banner American Model 1200 Foil Fusing Machine, can we use this in the office? Can you please send us a sample that how the cards look with this machine?

Thank you. Have a great day

Scott S.


The model 1200 Foil Fuser by Banner American is one of the best kept secrets in the office equipment industry. This little machine may look rather simple and unremarkable, but it can create professional-looking certificates, awards and other documents of recognition in seconds.

The 1200 foil fusing machine basically fuses metallic foil to computer printer toner. This means you can print out custom logos, awards and more right from your computer, and then run them through the foil fuser. The end result looks similar to a professional hot foil stamping job done by a print shop.

The process only works with printers that use a laser toner cartridge. Sorry, but the foil will not adhere to documents created with an ink jet printer.

The Model 1200 is a well-built, solid machine that will last for decades with proper care. Our customers rave about the model 1200 foil fuser. Why? Because it saves them money, and they can create a wide variety of very nice-looking certificates including awards, diplomas, company letterhead, invitations, birthday cards, wedding announcements and more.


Can a Paper Cutter’s Blade be Re-sharpened?

Posted by: Morgan on February 9th, 2011

Dahle 561 Guillotine Arm Paper TrimmerThis is a common question, and the answer really depends on the type of paper cutter you are using. You may re-sharpen the blades on stack paper cutters and guillotine cutters, but Office Zone recommends you still have a replacement blade on hand. This eliminates production downtime while the dull blade is being re-sharpened.

Rotary paper cutters often have self-sharpening blades, but these eventually become dull as well. Once the blade is completely dull, it must be replaced. Arm paper cutters may be re-sharpened, but replacements blades are also an option for these as well.

Do you need your paper cutter blade re-sharpened? If so, be sure to contact Office Zone’s Service Department today. We would be happy to help you get your paper cutter blade cutting at its best as soon as possible.