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I have a small letterpress invitation company and am looking for a higher sheet capacity, but still very precise paper cutter.  The Model 1038 Kutrimmer seems as though it might suit my needs.  I am currently cutting paper individually with a tabletop Carl rotary cutter.  The Carl is nice in that it is precise, but cutting paper one by one is really labor intensive.

The 1038 seems suitable as I liked that it mentioned that it has the ability to trim off very narrow edges.  What sort of customer feedback have you received on the 1038 or have you used it yourself?  Does it have the ability to clamp and precisely cut small items, like business cards without fanning?

Also, what is the longevity of the cutting blades?  Most of my letterpress work is printed on very thick 100% cotton paper, which dulls standard Carl rotary blades REALLY quickly.  The sheet capacity called out is 50 sheets.  I assume this is for typical text weight paper.  Any idea what the sheet capacity would be for 100lb Crane Lettra cover stock or 140lb French Paper Muscletone card stock?

Any further information and guidance you can provide on the 1038 would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and Kind Regards,

Sarah S.


We have used several arm paper cutters of the years, and the MBM Kutrimmer 1038 Arm Paper Cutter ranks near the top. Our customers also give the Kutrimmer 1038 high marks. Its independent hand clamp prevents annoying paper slippage or bunching when cutting. The 1038 has a German-engineered Solingen steel blade that stays sharp longer than most competing models. This highly durable blade may also be re-sharpened, thus giving you several years of use. Several competing paper cutters and trimmers available today merely offer disposable blades. A front guide on the machine lets you cut paper strips as thin as one millimeter.

You can easily cut through 50 sheets of copy paper at once with the Kutrimmer 1038. When cutting heavier paper stock with the 1038, the cutting capacity may be reduced by up to 50%. The 1038 features an easy-to-use handle that almost effortlessly brings the cutting arm down on the stack of paper. It also comes standard with a safety guard that prevents injury.

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