Intelli-Bind IM1000 Electric Multipunch MachineQuestion

Hello –

I’m looking for a solution to a book binding problem we have.  We have a bottleneck in our production at the binding machine.  Currently, our 2:1 binding machine only has the capacity to punch 20 pages at a time.

We make about 50 wire-bound books a day, so it’s not a lot, but the time spent punching the holes is too much.  Can you help me understand what our options are for maximum punch capacity?  Price wise, we’d like to stay under $750.

Thank you,

Megan D.


We can help speed up your production volume by about five sheets per punch. The Intelli-Bind IM1000 Electric Multipunch Machine will punch through 25 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at a time. This paper punch from Intelli-Zone was designed for high-volume document binding punching. It is offered with your choice of punching dies including 2:1 wire, 3:1 wire, 19-ring comb and 3:1 wire with a thumb cut for calendars.

The included foot pedal makes it possible to hold paper with both hands while punching. This unique feature alone helps speed up binding production in a significant way. The Intelli-Bind IM1000 does not cost under $750, but it’s definitely in the neighborhood of your budget. It is the ideal punching machine for long-run binding jobs and is typically used by our customers as an accessory to other document binding machines.

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