Intimus S16.50 High-Volume Paper ShredderQuestion

I work for a small office of around 40 people. We were looking to reduce our landfill waste by shredding tough paper (microwave lunch paper containers, paper coffee cups, etc). By shredding these products, we are able to keep them on site in our composting containers and they will biodegrade faster. Is there any product that is designed for this?

Andrew L.

We highly recommend the Intimus S16.50 High-Volume Paper Shredder. The model S16.50 will shred all of the tough paper products you listed. It will also easily tackle entire file folders, large stacks of computer printouts, cardboard pieces, employee time cards, and just about any other kind of office waste made out of paper.

The shredder’s wide 20-inch shred throat is ideal for destroying large volumes of paper at a time. The S16.50 paper shredder is available in either strip cut or cross cut shred styles. We recommend the cross cut version for your particular application.

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