David-Link W-1288 Biometric Time ClockTime clocks come in many varieties, and it can be a challenge to know which one is right for your organization.  If you’re looking for a great machine, with up to date technology, an easy interface, and one with an included software that calculates everything for you automatically, a great model to consider is the W-1288 biometric time clock by David-Link.  This review will focus on the highlights of this model, as well as explain why it is a superior choice among models in the same price range.

For the price of $438.00, it’s difficult to find a machine that has a biometric finger log-in system.  You’ll never need to worry about your employees punching in for their friends (buddy punching), nor will you have to worry about employees loosing their swipe cards.  Hopefully they can keep track of their fingers.  And if not, they at least have 10 of them!

Once you have the employee set up in the system with their individual print, it is simply a matter of them placing their finger in the biometric slot to clock in, out, in, out, as many times as needed throughout the day.  Not only that, but instead of swiping a finger like the older style clocks, you simple place your finger on the scanner and it reads it instantly.  Many other clocks that use the old swipe system are finicky and cause the employee to be stuck at the clock swiping minute after minute.

The W-1288 does not require a computer connection to operate, but it is ideal.  It’s not designed for outdoor use.  However, the software is included with the purchase, providing you with everything you need right up front.  Some clocks require lots of other options and accessories to operate, but this model is quick, easy, and accurate right out of the box.  The navigation through the setup of each employee is also simple and easy.

While looks aren’t everything, they sure can add value to a machine.  This model has a very modern design, the coolest thing being the full color LCD screen.  The screen makes it super easy to view everything on display.

A few other great features include a 3,000 fingerprint capacity, a log capacity of up to 50,000, a one year warranty, and an optional battery back-up.  It is also available in the following languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.

The only draw back this model does not have yet is the ability to import the data from the software directly into Quickbooks or other similar software.  However, this is something David Link plans on implementing down the road.

So, if you have a small or large business of around 50 employees, and you’re looking for a very modern time clock with a biometric scanner, then this is definitely the way to go.  Here is a link to view more information about the David Link W-1288 biometric time clock. You can find a list of all our time clocks here.

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