Fellowes Helios 60 Thermal Binding MachineAre you looking for an inexpensive way to bind your documents, while at the same time trying to avoid comb, wire, or coil binding?  If so, a binding style to consider would be the thermal binding.  In particular, the Fellowes Helios 60 would be a great choice to start with.  This review will show you why this machine has risen quickly as a great option in the thermal binding genre.

Fellowes is one of the most familiar brand names around the office, ranging from shredders, laminators, mouse pads, to comb, wire, and thermal binders.  The Helios 60 is one of their newest additions to the office environment and it is gaining in popularity quickly.  Why is this?  Listed below are a few of the main reasons it is a recommended product.

– Large binding capacity.
With the ability to bind up to an amazing 600 sheets, the Helios 60 outperforms pretty much every other binder on the market.  Comb binding only goes up to 425 sheets.  However, if you don’t need up to 600 sheets, yet you still enjoy thermal binding, the Helios 30 is also available, which is very similar in design and purpose.  You can find more information about the Helios 30 here.

– Simplicity. Binding has never been easier with the Helios 60 thermal binder.  Thermal binders work like sophisticated ovens.  After a brief 4 minute warm up time, your machine is ready to go.  Simply put your documents into the thermal binding covers and then place into the machine.  The machine will melt the glue from the covers and bind your covers securely and without any mess.  Covers range in size and color.  Here is a link to view our selection of Fellowes thermal binding covers.

– Modern design. The sleek, new design from Fellowes allows the Helios 60 to fit in any office or home setting.  Featuring the capability to fold flat, it can be easily transported or stored away.  It also comes equipped with a LED control panel, auto shut-off to prevent overheating (or accidental burns), document thickness detectors, and audio and visual indicators which will signal when the machine is ready for use, as well as when the job is finished.

– 2 year warranty. This is a very generous warranty for a binding machine.  Most binding machines only come with a 90 day warranty.  This machine doesn’t really have any consumable parts, and is in general a simple machine, but having a comfortable 2 year warranty brings peace of mind knowing your machine is built to last.

Again, if you need a very simple, affordable binding machine, the Helios 60 is one that will be a great asset to your office or home business.  It is also a great option for school reports.  You can find more information about the Fellowes Helios 60 thermal binding machine here:

If you need to place an order, or if you have any detailed questions, feel free to contact our sales representatives at 800-543-5454.

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