Folding Laminated PaperAlthough a rare request, we sometimes get asked if it is possible to fold laminated paper.  It sure is!  While there isn’t an automatic paper folder on the market today capable of doing it by itself, it can be done manually with the addition of a scoring machine.

What is a scoring machine?  Scoring machines will basically make a crease in your paper, thus making it easier to fold.  They are typically used for thick card stock or heavier paper.  They work similar to a rotary cutter, and utilize a fine edge blade on a rolling wheel.  Simply slide the wheel left or right, applying a small amount of pressure, and you have your desired crease.  Now you’re ready to easily fold anything you need.  Not only can you fold it easier, any wrinkles will be eliminated, which is the main reason you would want to score or crease the paper.

So, folding laminated paper can be done, but why would you ever need to do it in the first place?  I used to ask myself the same question about algebra in junior high.  Turns out it comes in handy now and then!  One great thing that you can laminate and fold would be restaurant menus.  They all need to be laminated for obvious reasons, and you often find them folded, as well.  Using a scoring machine, it can be done.

Can you use a paper folding machine to fold laminated material?  Unfortunately, the answer is no.  We do carry many paper folders that can handle heavy stock paper up to 110 lb. thick, as well as air-feed folders that will work on glossy paper, but laminated paper simply is too much for the machines to handle.

Paper Scoring MachinesYou may be thinking it would be better to fold the paper and then laminate it.  Sounds good, right?  The problem with that is the crease in the folded paper will cause an uneven surface, resulting in air being trapped underneath.  It can certainly be done, but the end result will not look nearly as professional as you would like it to be.  You will probably be okay using this on regular copy paper, but if you’re using anything thicker, chances are the end result will turn out sloppy.

If you have a large volume of scoring or creasing to do, the machines are available in manual or automatic.  You can find our manual paper scoring machines here and our automatic paper scoring machine section here.

Scoring machines almost always come as combo machine to perforators as well.  Instead of making a thick crease in the thick paper, a perforator will put tiny holes, in a straight line, across your paper.  This is ideal for making part of your paper to be easily torn aware from the rest of the paper.  This is similar to a check or a movie ticket.

If you need to fold laminated paper, score, crease, perforate, or simply fold large stacks of paper automatically, we have everything you need.  You can find links to all these folding machines here.

Also, if you would like us to test some samples for you on our showroom floor, we are more than willing and capable to do so.  Sometimes we get some really unique and creative requests, and we’re always happy to try new things for our customers.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our sales department at 800-543-5454.

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