Intelli-Fold DE-112AF Paper Folding MachineHow many times have you cut your finger trying to manually fold paper? It is no surprise that manually folding paper is at the top of many people’s “most annoying job” list. It is time consuming, results often appear poor and it is extremely inefficient. If you want to improve your folding operations, improve the professional look of the folding job and save money, you need to take a look at the Intelli-Fold DE-112AF paper folding machine from Intelli-Zone. I have used this machine and this is my own review.

The Intelli-Fold line of paper folding machines have quickly become the most popular line we offer. Machines range from desktop machines, like the Intelli-Fold IF300, up to high-end pharmaceutical folding machines like the Intelli-Fold DF-304VC. One of the biggest selling points of Intelli-Fold machines is the incredible price to value ration. It’s tough to find a machine, with the same features and quality, at the same low price.

The Intelli-Fold DE-112AF is currently one of the top selling Intelli-Fold machines available. It is a higher-quality version of the popular Dynafold DE-112AF as it is made in the original Dynafold factory and features a powered exit conveyor. It is a manual setup machine with electric-powered automated feeding and folding. Initial setup generally takes 1-5 minutes, depending on the operator. I’ll explain.

This particular folding machine utilizes two folding plates. Each of these two plates need to be individually set up and adjusted. A combination of the two plates allows you to create letter folds, zig-zag folds, single folds, half accordion folds, gate folds, double parallel folds and more. Sorry about the long list, but I want to get across just how much it can do. Because the plates are manually adjusted, custom folds are extremely easy to create on this machine.

The Intelli-Fold DE-112AF features a drop-in style feed tray. No pre-fanning of the paper is required. Simply take your jogged stack of paper (up to 500 sheets), and place them in the tray. Once turned on, the DE-112AF will continue peeling 1 sheet off the stack at a time until the entire stack has been folded. A sensor in the feed tray lets the machine know when all the paper has been folded, automatically turning off the machine. This helps prevent premature motor wear.

Regarding the motor, it is fast. It folds paper at speeds of up to 6,000 sheets per hour. It maintains a monthly duty cycle of about 12,000 folds per month.

The Intelli-Fold DE-112AF is designed to be used with paper ranging in sizes from 3.5″ x 5″ (89mm x 127mm) up to to 8.5″ x 14″ (216mm x 356mm). That means it will handle letter size paper, legal size paper and smaller. Paper thickness ranges from 16# up to 24# paper.

The DE-112AF has a powered exit tray, which is nice for keeping paper in alphanumerical order. Few machines in this price range come with the convenience of a powered conveyor. If you don’t need to keep your paper organized, you may want to consider using the Intelli-Fold DE-102AF (found here), which is exactly the same as the DE-112AF, but without a conveyor.

The build quality on the DE-112AF is excellent and far exceeds the quality of comparable paper folding machines. It is designed for daily use and is excellent for use in schools, churches, copy shops and other businesses. I give this machine a solid 5 out of 5.

You can find the Intelli-Fold DE-112AF paper folding machine here and our entire selection of Intelli-Fold paper folders here. You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

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