Minipack Cyclone 30 External Vacuum Food SealerReducing the amount of food loss due to spoilage is a high priority for food producers, distributors, grocery stores and restaurants. Too much spoilage drives up the overall costs of the product and cuts into profits. To reduce spoilage, food industry businesses are always in need of an efficient and effective vacuum sealer, such as the Minipack Cyclone 30. Because of its quality, ease of use, and durability, the Minipack Cyclone 30 Vacuum Sealer has consistently been a popular choice.

The Minipack Cyclone 30 Vacuum Sealer is an external sealer that is able to package and preserve perishable foods like fruits, vegetables and meats. It’s a medium volume machine that is best used to seal and package a couple of dozen bags per day. This makes it ideal for small diners, delis, corner markets, etc. The Minipack Cyclone 30 Vacuum Sealer is extremely simple for a user to operate, and can seal bags that are 13 inches wide.

The person operating the Minipack Cyclone 30 Vacuum Sealer begins by placing the food or perishables into the plastic storage bag. The operator then places the open-end of the bag on to the sealer bar. All the controls are digital, so it’s just a matter of pushing the right button to set the type of seal. The user is able to determine the amount of air to be vacuumed out of the bag during sealing, based on the food being stored. The Minipack Cyclone 30 Vacuum Sealer has a digital vacuum sensor to ensure the air level is accurate. It also has a moisture collection basin that removes excess moisture which further increases the shelf life of the food.

The Minipack Cyclone 30 Vacuum Sealer is made of non-corrosive aluminum, so it will provide years of use. This sturdy construction, along with the cost saving benefits from reduced food loss, makes it so it won’t take long to recoup the purchase cost.

The Cyclone 30 Vacuum Sealer is manufactured by Minipack America, a brand leader in packaging machines for over thirty years. Their machines tend to be easy to maintain, are energy efficient, and have a 1 year warranty.

The benefits and usability of the Minipack Cyclone 30 Vacuum Sealer make it a good choice to purchase. The operator will like the versatility of being able to switch between automatic and manual sealing cycles. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is easy to store. Be sure to purchase enough vacuum sealing bags to handle your volume, otherwise you’ll end up with a pricey office sculpture. You can find our entire selection of vacuum food sealers here.

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