Martin Yale 2051 Smartfold Paper Folding MachineThere’s a reason the Martin Yale 2051 Paper Folder is called the Smartfold. It’s so easy to use that even Congress could make it work. The Martin Yale 2051 Smartfold is an automatic paper folder that can handle high volumes and produce several complicated folds at the push of a button. Even in this digital age, financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, schools, government agencies, publishers and direct mail marketers fold and distribute millions of sheets of paper daily. So if you’re going to fold and mail out paper like Congress goes through money, you may as well make it as easy as they do.

The Martin Yale 2051 Smartfold is has 7 paper folds, including letter, z-fold, half, double-parallel, gate, engineering and church fold, and can accommodate 10 custom folds that can be preprogrammed for push-button convenience. This paper folder is rugged and can handle 18 lb. bond to 90 lb. index paper, and can fold up to 15,000 sheets per hour.  The Martin Yale 2051 Smartfold paper folder is a friction style folder that rapidly feeds the paper through using a friction roller and conveyor system.

The 2051 Smartfold paper folder is made Martin Yale Industries, a US manufacturer of office and mailroom equipment. According to their website they design their equipment to make work life more productive and secure.  Founded in 1940, Martin Yale has a 68-year track record of designing, engineering, and manufacturing quality products for the office. They are also known for having a helpful customer service department when customers have questions or need help.

The Martin Yale 2051 Smartfold Paper Folder paper folder has a lot of safeguard features that increase its usability and reliability. The Smartfold Paper Folder has an automatic paper feeder that can hold up to 500 sheets of 8 1/2″ x 11″ in the hopper. There is also no need to adjust the machine when changing paper weights. It is a manual paper folder. The paper folder rollers are fully enclosed which means it will operate much more quietly, and increases the safety of the user.

To enhance productivity, the Martin Yale 2051 Smartfold Paper Folder is designed with gear-driven rollers to reduce paper jams. It also has automatic paper jam detector for the rare occasion that it does.  Workers in multilingual offices will appreciate that the controls accommodate multiple languages.

This is a video demonstration of the Martin Yale 2051:

The only downside of the Smartfold is the shortcoming that afflicts all friction-style paper folders. It shouldn’t be used to fold glossy paper. If you’re in a business that uses a lot of slick, shiny paper then you’d be better off with a suction-operated paper folder. If you want a paper folder that will get more done in a day than Congress does in a year, and at a nonbudget busting cost, then the Martin Yale 2051 Smartfold is the smart choice.

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