Martin Yale 959 Paper Folding MachineThere’s a reason the Martin Yale 959 High-Volume Paper Folding Machine is an excellent choice for companies that require more from their paper folders than just envelope stuffing. The Martin Yale 959 is a high capacity, automatic paper folder that can handle large stacks of paper, produce several complicated folds, and also add slits, scores and perforations to documents all at the push of a button. This is an extremely convenient feature for companies that send out bills, invoices, coupons or other correspondence that requires the receiver to remove a piece of the document.

Banks, investment houses, credit unions, insurance companies, schools, printers, government agencies, publishers and direct mail marketers fold and distribute millions of sheets of paper daily. So for companies that fold through more paper than John Stewart goes through politician jokes on the Daily Show, you may as well make it as easy as he seems to.

The Martin Yale 959 High-Volume Paper Folder can handle various paper sizes, like 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ to 14″ x 20″. It also has several options for customizable folds, along with 7 preset paper folds. These include the standard single folds, letter folds, Z-folds, double parallel folds, baronial folds, and French folds. This paper folder is rugged and can handle 18 lb. bond to 90 lb. index paper, but it can also handle lighter weight paper, like onion skin. The The Martin Yale 959 High-Volume Paper Folder has variable speeds you can adjust according to the size of your stack, with a maximum fold speed of 18,000 sheets per hour. That’s a lot of sheet!  The Martin Yale 959 High-Volume Paper Folder is a friction style folder that rapidly feeds the paper through using a friction roller and conveyor system.

The 959 High-Volume Paper Folder is made by Martin Yale Industries, a US manufacturer of office and mailroom equipment. According to their website they design their equipment to make work life more productive and secure.  Founded in 1940, Martin Yale has a 68-year track record of designing, engineering, and manufacturing quality products for the office. They are also known for having a helpful customer service department when customers have questions or need help.

Another feature that makes the Martin Yale 959 High-Volume Paper Folder useful for high volume loads is that it has a bottom feed that enables the user to reload of documents without stopping machine.  The perforator is a 7-tooth-per-inch perforating wheel and 2 scoring wheels that is equipped with a quick release journal shaft to make it easy to set-up for perforating, scoring, and slitting documents. The only downside of the Martin Yale 959 is the shortcoming that afflicts all friction-style paper folders. It shouldn’t be used to fold glossy paper. If you’re in a business that uses a lot of slick, shiny paper then you’d be better off with a suction-operated paper folder.

The Martin Yale 959 High-Volume Paper Folder is a good choice for schools, copy shops, and the printing department of large businesses.

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