Paper Folding MachinesA jammed paper folding machine can cost you time and money, not to mention it is a huge hassle. While you may not be able to avoid every paper jam, there are certain things you can do to keep your paper folding machine humming like the day you bought it. If it was a lemon out of the box, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you much, however, if you purchased a good solid machine these instructions will help you keep your folding machine running for years.

Paper folding machines consist of a motor, a friction roller (friction-based machines), a series of silicon rollers and a couple of folding plates. While there are a few additional sensors and parts, that pretty much sums it all up. If you can keep in mind that there isn’t much to your paper folding machine, it won’t be intimidating and it will be easier to maintain.

As a paper folding machine operates, it pulls paper in and expels it out the other side. Most folded paper, with a few exceptions, is printed on. As paper runs through the machine, ink and dust begin to accumulate on the silicon rollers. As is the case with snow on a road, dust on a roller can cause it to become slippery. This causes slipping and sliding that should not occur in a paper folding machine, resulting in the imminent jam. Ink has the same effect.

I recommend using a roller cleaner rejuvenator (found here) to keep rollers clean. Roller cleaner rejuvenator not only cleans, but it also helps moisten the rollers. This helps prolong the life of the folding machine and keeps things running smooth. Never use cleaning solvents or rubbing alcohol to clean your folding machine. This could potentially cause the rollers to dry out and crack.

If you ever experience a paper jam, please do not try forcing the paper out by hand. It could cause a belt to strip. If you can’t easily get the paper back out, call Office Zone’s Service Department at 1-800-543-5454 x129 and get some advice before proceeding with anything else. Also, please never use scissors or other sharp objects to try and fish out paper! That could potentially irreversibly damage your silicon rollers, requiring them to be replaced.

Another big issue with paper folding machines is static electricity. As is the case with rubbing your hair on a balloon and sticking it to a wall, static electricity in paper causes it to stick together. The end result can be a multi-sheet feed, which almost always results in a paper jam. Electrostatic-charged paper is extremely annoying. There are a few ways to get rid of static in paper.

One method of  getting rid of static electricity in paper is by using a static eliminator spray (found here). Once sprayed on your paper folding machine’s rollers, static electricity is dramatically reduced. Another option, and perhaps the best, is to use a paper jogger (found here). Paper joggers quickly square up paper and remove static electricity.

Another common issue with paper folding machines is incorrectly seated folding plates or incorrectly set folding plates. Make sure the folding plates on your paper folding machine feel snug and that there is little to no play.

If you are still experiencing issues, you may need to contact Office Zone’s Service Department at 1-800-543-5454 x129. They are talented, kind and provide affordable solutions. Office Zone’s Service Department can repair folding machines from Duplo, Standard, Intelli-Fold, Tamerica, Martin Yale, Dahle and many others.

If your paper folding machine is kaput and cannot be repaired, Office Zone has a great selection of paper folding machines found here. Good luck!

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