MBM Kutrimmer 1046 Guillotine Paper CutterSchool teachers, professors, print shop workers, or scrapbookers have to cut a lot of paper for art projects, assignments, books, marketing material and other print media. Most use some sort of table top guillotine style paper cutter that can make precise cuts, like the MBM Kutrimmer 1046 guillotine paper cutter. This paper cutter can cut sheets into precise strips or angles so the projects won’t look like it was cut by a knight with his helmet on backwards.

The Kutrimmer 1046 paper cutter is a good choice for any school, church, print-shop, in-house design department, publishing company or any other business that trims and cuts large amounts of paper. The MBM Kutrimmer 1046 has several features that make it perform better and make it safer to use than old style table top paper cutters. The design of the Kutrimmer 1046 Paper Cutter makes the paper cutting action very easy and requires little force or effort.

Using the Kutrimmer 1046 Guillotine Cutter is pretty straight forward. The user begins by placing the single sheet or stack of paper to be sliced on the cutting board. This paper cutter is designed to cut sheets of all sizes and can handle thin novelty paper or heavier bond paper. The Kutrimmer 1046 is a medium-duty paper cutter than can accommodate cutting a stack of 30 sheets of paper. The user then adjusts the paper on the board to match the desired measurement that will be cut.

The precision, automatic clamp holds the paper firmly in place will cutting, to prevent it from moving and ruining the paper while cutting. For convenience, the scale bar used for measuring the length of the cut shows both inches and centimeters. Once the paper is positioned and secured, the user pulls down on the cutting arm of the Kutrimmer 1046 Paper Cutter and slices through the paper, making strips or smaller sheets.

The safety features on the Kutrimmer 1046 Paper Cutter eliminate most of the risk of injury that your old grade school teacher used to warn you about. The blade is shielded by a plastic safety guard. This keeps it out of the way of fingers while cutting. The safety shield also doubles as a cutting line indicator, ensure the cut will be in the right spot.

The Kutrimmer 1046 Paper Cutter is a product of the MBM Corporation. According to their website, MBM has been producing state-of-the-art finishing equipment for the graphics and printing industries for over 75 years. MBM is the leading manufacturer of small format paper cutters in the world and have one of the best warranty packages in the business.

There is a lot to like about the Kutrimmer 1046 Paper Cutter that makes it a good purchase option. The safety features can’t be beat, and the ability it has to cut such narrow, precise strips of paper make it ideal for craft shops, schools, and print shops. Its all-metal construction, and cutting blade that can be re-sharpened make it a durable choice that will provide years of use.

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