MiniPack Galaxy shrink wrap machine

The MiniPack Galaxy Shrink Wrap Machine

I had the opportunity last week to demonstrate the MiniPack Galaxy shrink wrap machine to one of our local customers. Before he arrived, we discussed his specific shrink wrap packaging needs over the phone. I determined that the Galaxy would be the best fit for his application.

Over the years I’ve learned that the MiniPack Galaxy is a reliable shrink wrapping machine that satisfies the packaging requirements for several businesses. For starters, the Galaxy’s relatively large shrink chamber has the capacity to accommodate a wide spectrum of products of various sizes. We have sold machines in years past to customers who are packaging DVDs, books, candy boxes, frozen pies, machine parts, artwork, all sorts of food products and more.

The operating controls on the Galaxy are most definitely user-friendly. It’s also simple to install a new roll of shrink film on the machine. The Galaxy has been rated by Office Zone as a high-performance shrink wrap machine, able to package up to 300 units an hour. You can use PVC or Polyolefin centerfold shrink film with the Galaxy. After the film is loaded, it passed through the built-in tearless perforating system. Tiny holes are necessary to ensure quick and efficient shrinking of the film. Without the tiny perf holes, the shrink film would look like a big mess with waves of air pockets and wrinkles. The maximum film roll for the Galaxy width is 20 inches; maximum roll diameter is 10 inches.

The machine includes a helpful adjustable shelf in the sealing area that may be positioned up or down, according to product height. The lid automatically opens after the film cutting and shrink wrapping process is complete. The film is trimmed to size with an electronic pulse that flows through a Teflon-coated sealing blade. You can program the cutting blades and heat chamber to adjust to different shrink wrapping needs. For example, if the item you are packaging requires a significant amount of shrink film, the cutting blades and heat chamber may be adjusted to apply more heat to efficiently encase the product in film. On the flip side, you may also decrease heat chamber time to prevent melting with sensitive food items such as chocolates.

The MiniPack Galaxy includes an overheat safety circuit that prevents the internal parts from any significant damage. Please be aware that an electrical end plug is not included with this machine. This is because MiniPack shrink wrap machines are sold internationally — where power systems vary — thus allowing you to install the correct plug extension for your building.

Be sure to contact Office Zone’s customer service department today to learn more about the MiniPack Galaxy and how it can save you time and money with your packaging needs.


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