Biometric Time Clocks from David-LinkIf your business is in need of a reliable time management system, and you really like the benefits biometrics has to offer, you should seriously consider investing in a David-Link time clock system (found here). David-Link manufactures some of the cheapest (and arguably some of the best) biometric time clock systems available. To date, there are six systems you may want to consider depending on what your business needs.

I have personally spoken with many customers about biometric time clocks including those made by David-Link. Here are some of the most common questions I have been given over the past five years.

  • What is biometrics? Biometric time clocks use a hand or a finger to log an employee in and out of work. No badges are required and biometric time clocks almost completely eliminate fraud such as buddy punching. There is also no security risk or cost associated with a lost badge or card. Older clocks required a finger to be swiped, but David-Link has adopted a “touch” system that is far more accurate and does not need repeated attempts to read the finger correctly.
  • Are there any monthly costs? David-Link time clocks do not have any monthly subscription. When you pay for the machine, you receive everything you need to get it up and running.
  • How does this save your business money? For one, time logged is accurate and precise. The time clock itself adds up the time, eliminating human error. It also eliminates a lot of fraud associated with traditional time clocks.
  • How is data accessed? Data can be accessed directly from the time clock itself or it can be exported onto an included USB drive. Computers can also be attached to the time clock using a USB cable or a network cable.
  • Can multiple time clocks be used together? Yes, multiple time clocks can be used together.
  • What comes with the system? David-Link time clocks include the clock, software, customer support, a USB drive, power adapter and a USB cable. Proximity card versions also include 10 proximity cards.
  • Can data be imported into payroll management software? Our David-Link time clocks are not directly compatible with payroll software programs like Quickbooks, but they export data into an MS Excel format that can then be imported into Quickbooks and other payroll management programs.
  • Can data be remotely accessed if away from the office? Only the David-Link W-1288PB (found here) can be accessed remotely via another computer. The included software allows for the W-1288PB to be accessed via an IP address making it possible to export data and use it as if the remote computer was connected directly to it.

So what are the differences between the six different versions of the David-Link time clocks?  Here is a chart that shows you just what the differences are between the different models.

Additional RFID
Card Identification
Display Type
Port Forwarding for
Remote Access of
Attendance Reports
W-988 N/A N/A White Backlight N/A
W-988P N/A White Backlight N/A
W-988PB White Backlight N/A
W-1288 N/A N/A TFT LCD with more
user friendly menu
W-1288P N/A TFT LCD with more
user friendly menu
W-1288PB TFT LCD with more
user friendly menu

It a nutshell, David-Link time clocks like the W-1288 and the W-988 (found here) are an excellent value. Other competitors and comparable machines don’t even come close when it comes to support, accessories offered and price. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-543-5454 for answers to your questions.

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