Kutrimmer Paper CuttersWhen it comes to guillotine paper trimmers, few have the quality or reputation that Kutrimmer has (found here). Kutrimmer, made by MBM, has been around for years. These cutters are known for their razor-sharp Solingen steel blades and their precision German engineering. The only manufacturer to come close over the years has been Dahle, also a German engineered cutter. So is a Kutrimmer the ideal cutter for you?

Guillotine paper trimmers simply aren’t what they used to be 30 years ago. Those large wood base cutters had no real safety measures in place and they could potentially be dangerous. Kutrimmer has taken the design of the old wood-base trimmers and has taken it to the 21st century. Modern guillotines now feature metal bases, non-skid rubber feet, smooth pivoting handles and safety shields that keep fingers away from sharp parts. Modern guillotines also include clamps, which helps keep cuts straight and true.

As mentioned earlier, Kutrimmer paper cutters are made in Germany and are German engineered. In the world of precision machined office equipment, this is a very good thing. The quality on these cutters is as good as it can get. At Office Zone, we carry eight different Kutrimmer cutters with most of them (as of this article) available with free freight.

Here is a list of the eight models we currently offer:

  1. MBM Kutrimmer 1134 (found here) – This cutter has an amazing 25 sheet capacity and is the least expensive Kutrimmer we offer. It is excellent for tabletop use and includes a side guide, a Solingen steel blade, a cutting line indicator and an adjustable back guide. This is great for use in schools, churches and businesses.
  2. MBM Kutrimmer 1135 (found here) – This is an upgraded version of the 1134 that includes an easy-lift release clamping lever. It can be used to cut paper, features a solid metal base and creates extremely precise cuts every time.
  3. MBM Kutrimmer 1046 (found here) – This cutter has a nice 18″ cutting length, making it ideal for cutting standard paper sizes as well as larger art prints and other material. The Solingen steel blade is extra sharp and easily maintains its edge for a long time. It can be used to cut up to 30 sheets of paper at a time.
  4. MBM Kutrimmer 1038 (found here) The Kutrimmer 1038 features extended front guides, an extra tough hand lamp and can be used to cut through up to 50 sheets of paper at a time! (based on 20# bond paper). This trimmer has a 14.75″ cutting length and is excellent for use with standard sizes of paper or smaller. It is also excellent for trimming down photos.
  5. MBM Kutrimmer 1058 (found here) The Kutrimmer 1058 is one of the few 23″ long cutters that has a 40 sheet cutting capacity. This cutter features a metal base, a safety guard on the cutting blade and a heavy-duty clamp. This is a great trimmer for framers, artists, schools and more. It is easy to use and the blade makes straight cuts simple.
  6. MBM Kutrimmer 1071 (found here) – The Kutrimmer 1071 is a heavy-duty cutter with a massive 28.5″ cutting length. It can be used to cut up to 40 sheets of paper at a time and is one of the largest guillotines we offer for tabletop use. The guide, combined with a Solingen steel blade, can be used to cut paper as thin as one millimeter.
  7. MBM Kutrimmer 1110 Heavy-Duty GuillotineMBM Kutrimmer 1080 (found here) – This cutter is a floor unit that is designed for print shops, copy centers and other locations where a variety of paper sizes need to be cut on a regular basis. This heavy-duty cutter has a large 31.25″ cutting length and it can be used for cutting up to 40 sheets of paper at a time and has a hairline trimming capability. It includes a sturdy metal stand.
  8. MBM Kutrimmer 1110 (found here) – This is the largest guillotine trimmer MBM has to offer. It has a very large 43.75″ cutting length that can cut up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. This impressive cutting length makes this cutter excellent for cutting down large prints, signs, banners, posters and much more. It includes a durable stand and is made with precision German engineering.

These types of paper cutters are commonly used to cut anything from paper and card stock to matt framing and more. You can find our entire selection of guillotine paper cutters and trimmers here. Please call us at 1-800-543-5454 for answers to your paper cutting questions.

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