Guillotine Paper CuttersWhen it comes to guillotine paper trimmers (found here), there are two main brands you should consider using; these are Dahle and Kutrimmer. Both brands have been around for years and both implement high-quality German technology into their products. So which of these two brands should you consider purchasing? Dahle or Kutrimmer.

If you were to ask me ten years ago which of these brands I would consider purchasing, I would have answered Kutrimmer hands down. This isn’t because Dahle was junk, but because Kutrimmer was so much better. Kutrimmer has remained the industry standard, but Dahle has gone to great lengths to re-design and improve their current tabletop trimmer lineup.

Here are some features that I really like about both:

  • Safety – Both Kutrimmer and Dahle have implemented safety technology into their guillotines to prevent personal injury. Kutrimmer uses a Plexiglas guard to prevent fingers from accidentally touching the blade. Dahle uses a corkscrew-like guard that wraps around the blade as the blade moves. It is very unique and pretty cool to see in person. I would consider both cutters to be equally safe even though they both use different technologies. Here is a picture of the two safety measures side-by-side.

Kutrimmer & Dahle Safety Features

  • Blade Quality – Both cutters use razor-sharp German Solingen steel in their cutter blades. Solingen steel is considered to be the best steel available for knives, blades and cutters. The blade holds its edge. I would say the blades on both machines are of similar quality and are both similarly effective.
  • Cutter Quality – The cutters themselves are both made from durable metal components and they both do a great job of cutting down paper, card stock, laminated documents and more. I would probably give Kutrimmer a slight edge up on this one, but not by much.
  • Clamping – Both Dahle and Kutrimmer typically incorporate some sort of clamping mechanism to help prevent paper shift during cutting. This helps to keep lines straight and accurate. I think both brands of cutters use equally effective clamping mechanisms.
  • Setup and Operation – Both of these brands are easy to set up, both usually feature measurements for paper alignment and both usually have printed on the base common cutting patterns. Both usually have some sort of guide or backstop for paper alignment. I would say they are both equally as easy to set up and align for cuts.
  • Additional Features – One thing I really like about Kutrimmer that Dahle has not implemented on their cutters as of this article is a red optical cutting line. The cutting line makes it easy to see exactly where the blade is going to fall, making setting up the cutter extremely easy.

In conclusion, I would have to say that both Dahle and Kutrimmer make some great guillotine / tabletop paper cutters & trimmers. I still give Kutrimmer a slight edge, but Dahle is an excellent second choice. If the Dahle is cheaper in price, go for it. You won’t regret it.

Please feel free to speak with us at 1-800-543-5454 about any of our guillotine paper cutters our trimmers. You can find our entire selection of both Dahle and Kutrimmer guillotines here.

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