Stack Paper CuttersWhen it comes to stack paper cutters (found here), there are many things you should be aware of. Quality ranges greatly and the types of machines available are many. I would like to cover what I have come to learn about stack paper cutters over the past decade of working with them. I will answer a some common questions and cover several popular terms in the industry.

So what is a stack paper cutter? A stack paper cutter is a machine that is designed to cut a stack of paper in a single pass of the blade. The amount varies, but it is typically several hundred or more sheets at a time. This type of paper cutter is popular with businesses that produce paper, printed material, marketing material or handle paper on a daily basis. Because these cutters are capable of trimming down so many sheets at once, jobs are done quickly and output is high.

So what are the different types of stack paper cutters? While it can be argued that there are over a half dozen different types of stack cutters, I like to break them down into three categories. These are manual stack cutters, electric stack cutters and hydraulic stack cutters. Here is what each entails:

  1. Manual Stack Paper Cutters (found here) – These are the most affordable stack cutters available. They don’t feature any kind of motor and are totally manually operated. While manual and cutting stacks of paper don’t seem to belong in the same sentence, these machines actually make cutting paper easy. These cutters use a long handle that is pulled down to cut paper. While not all manual stack cutters are equal, most are very easy to operate and require little force to cut through paper. Popular brands include Triumph, Dahle and Intelli-Cut. These cutters also feature a manual clamping mechanism. Manual stack cutters are ideal for light to medium-volume cutting.
  2. Electric Stack Paper Cutters (found here) – These types of paper cutters use a powerful electric motor to do all of the cutting. These types of paper cutters range greatly in features. Some include an electric clamp, where others have a manual clamp. The backstop also varies a lot. Some adjust themselves and others require the operator to turn a hand crank to adjust the back stop. These are the most popular paper cutters for higher-volume jobs. Depending on the cutter, these can be used for medium to high-volume cutting jobs. Some cutters are also programmable, allowing the operator to simply input some data and the machine does the rest. Some include the ability to remember these settings for repeat and common cutting jobs.
  3. Hydraulic Paper Cutters (found here) – If you are cutting thousands of sheets of paper per day and need the most powerful cutting force available, then a hydraulic stack cutter is what you need. These cutters use hydraulics to drive the cutting blade, producing an amazing amount of force. These cutters are excellent for daily repeated cutting of chipboard, card stock and much more.

Things To Look Out For – When it comes to shopping around for a high-quality stack paper cutter, most electric and hydraulic machines are solid. I find most quality issues in the manual cutter category. This is because there are a lot of cheap imitation machines made that simply aren’t up to par. Most of these fall in the sub $500 category. That isn’t to say you can’t find a good cutter under $500, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head. Unfortunately when it comes to stack cutters, you often get what you pay for.

I highly recommend you get a stack paper cutter that has a clear plastic guard in the front and back of the machine that prevents access to the cutting blades during the cutting process. Most brands, such as Dahle, Intelli-Cut and Triumph implement many safety features. You just can’t be too safe when dealing with a powerful machine like a stack paper cutter.

If you still have questions about stack cutters, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-543-5454. We would love to help you out.