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Kutrimmer 1135 Paper Cutter Review

Posted by: James on July 15th, 2013

Kutrimmer 1135 Paper CutterWhen you need a tool for slicing and dicing photos, paper and card stock, a solid paper cutter is a must-have tool. You don’t want something that will cut crooked, dull quickly or cause you a massive headache. You probably don’t want something that is just a step above a pair of scissors. One solid paper cutter, considering what you get for the money, is the Kutrimmer 1135 guillotine cutter from MBM (found here). I have personally used this very cutter on many occasions and would like to share my thoughts about it with you.

MBM stands for Michael Business Machines. This company, based out of South Carolina, is a national dealer for a wide range of high-end German machinery from IDEAL Krug & Priester. This includes Destroyit paper shredders, Triumph stack cutters and Kutrimmer. These products are known for their precision engineering and high build quality.

The Kutrimmer 1135 is a guillotine paper cutter. This means that it features an arm blade that rubs against a base blade in a scissor-like fashion. These types of paper cutters used to be found in schools everywhere and featured a wood base. The downside to these older guillotines is that they didn’t have a clamping mechanism and when the blade became dull, it would pull the paper while cutting it, resulting in a very crooked cut. Luckily modern guillotines implement a wide range of technology that makes them far superior to the older guillotines.

To begin with, the Kutrimmer 1135 is made of metal. Everything from the base to the arm is made of metal. The only plastic components are the guide, safety shield and hand grip. A built-in clamping mechanism forces the paper to stay in place during the entire cutting process. The result of these improvements means a very straight and very accurate cut. The metal used in the blade is made of German Solingen steel, which is arguably some of the best in the world.

Something else you find in this cutter that you definitely didn’t find in the guillotines of a decade ago is an optical cutting line. This laser line shines right across the paper. While the included sliding guide is ultimately all you need to align the paper, the laser makes it easy to make fast and accurate visual adjustments. Wherever the light shines, the blade will cut. It’s that easy.

Assuming you are cutting standard 20# bond paper, this cutter will handle up to about 25 sheets at a time. It can also be used to cut photos, card stock, laminated material, clear covers and more. Just be aware that the cutting capacity will change depending on how thick the material is that you are cutting.

Slicing through paper using this cutter is actually pretty easy. Every time I have used it the blade cut through the paper without any issues. This is due in part to the double pivot bearings and aluminum blade mounting bracket. It’s just very easy to move, handle and manipulate. It weights about 13 pounds shipped and I can pick it up and move it around very easily. Rubber feet on the bottom of the cutter help keep it in place.

I recommend using this at home, in the office, at church or in a school. It really is a nice general-purpose cutter. It can cut a little of everything and very accurately.

If you still have questions about this cutter, give us a call at 1-800-543-5454. You can find all of our guillotine paper cutters here.


Akiles iCoil 41+ 4:1 Pitch Coil Binding Machine Review

Posted by: James on July 10th, 2013

Akiles iCoil 41+ Coil Binding MachineIf you like making things by yourself, you are the perfect candidate for a book binding machine. These machines make it possible to create your own cookbooks, scrapbooks, books, manuals, presentations, photo albums and more. If you are shopping around for a machine, and need one that is compact and modern, the Akiles iCoil 41+ (found here) is an excellent option. This product has been out for a few years now and I would like to share my personal thoughts on the machine.

Akiles makes awesome machines. I can’t think of any other way to put it. Their products work and they seem to always work well. Part of it is the quality control they put into the manufacturing process. Where other machines may have a few rough edges, Akiles products are always well refined and finished. Akiles makes over a dozen different comb, wire and coil binding machines. If the iCoil 41+ isn’t your cup of tea, consider another Akiles products.

The iCoil 41+ is a 4:1 pitch coil binding machine. This means that it punches a total of 4:1 holes, which ends up being around 44 holes along the 11” side of a sheet of paper. If you already own an iCoil 41+, do not purchase 5:1 pitch coils. They won’t work. The holes have to line up, like a jigsaw puzzle.

There are many reasons I like this machine so much. For one, it is extremely compact. This is nice if you have limited desk space like I do. The binding arm will easily fold down and the back paper support will fold down to act as a dust cover. There is even a little nook where you can store the included coil-crimping pliers. All compacted, it can fit in many drawers and be tucked away in many cabinets.

This machine is actually very similar to the standard Akiles iCoil 41 (found here), but includes the Akiles “Plus” hole pattern. The plus hole pattern has an oval shape to it rather than round. This helps make coil insertion a little faster and page turns a little easier. Personally I think it looks really nice. The iCoil 41+ isn’t the only machine that features the plus hole pattern. Akiles offers a wide range of coil binding machines with and without the plus hole pattern.

Using this machine is actually pretty easy. You place the paper in the vertical punching slot (vertical helps keep paper edges aligned), you pull the handle to punch the paper (repeat as needed) and then insert the coil through the first 3-4 holes. An included electric coil inserter is then used to insert the coils the rest of the way through. This is done by using a foot pedal, allowing for hands-free operation.

I would recommend this machine be used for home or small office use. It can be used to bind a few to a few dozen books a day. If you need something more robust, I recommend going with one of the Akiles CoilMac machines. Overall I consider this machine to be an excellent value for the money.

You can find the Akiles iCoil 41+ by visiting us here. You can find our entire selection of coil binding machines here. Give us a call at 1-800-543-5454 with any questions. Because we are an authorized Akiles dealer, we can also provide you with replacement parts, service and much more.